§ 163-165.2. Sample ballots.
(a) County Board to Produce and Distribute Sample Ballots. – The county board of elections shall produce sample ballots, in all the necessary ballot styles of the official ballot, for every election to be held in the county. The sample ballots shall be given an appearance that clearly distinguishes them from official ballots. The county board shall distribute sample ballots to the chief judge of every precinct in which the election is to be conducted. The chief judge shall post a sample ballot in the voting place and may use it for instructional purposes. The county board of elections may use the sample ballot for other informational purposes.
(b) Document Resembling an Official Ballot to Contain Disclaimer. – No person other than a board of elections shall produce or disseminate a document substantially resembling an official ballot unless the document contains on its face a prominent statement that the document was not produced by a board of elections and is not an official ballot.

Republican Sample Ballot*

*There is only a Republican Sample Ballot for the 2024 Second Primary