Top Priorities

Top Priorities

More than 29 Strategies aimed at decreasing the number of mentally ill and mentally ill/substance users in the criminal justice system of Alamance County were identified, during the Community Dialogue for Alamance Steps Up held September 20, 2016. Of these 29 strategies that were voted on by the more than 70 participants at the day- long dialogue; six were chosen as top priorities that will be assigned to a sub-committee of Alamance Steps Up—for further evaluation and follow up with regard to next steps.

Top Priorities Identified at Alamance Steps Up Community Dialogue September 20, 2016

o   Utilize and expand CIT and MH First Aid training.

o   Create diversion center with access to assessment wrap around services without getting involved in the criminal justice system (including lab work)

o   Create reclaimed pharmacy to redistribute medications and provide to consumers.

o   Increase education around accessing services to include schools/ teachers

o   Identify inmates during intake process with mental health needs

o   Coordinate treatment services prior to release including face-to-face with provider