BURLINGTON – Alamance County Health Department has identified an outbreak at the skilled nursing facility White Oak Manor. The Alamance County Health Department collected 120 specimen from residents at the facility earlier in the week. Of those collected by the health department, 12 were positive results. In addition, two (2) employees have been confirmed as cases and receiving follow-up in their counties of residence. The Health Department continues to work with White Oak Manor to conduct testing on residents and staff to protect uninfected individuals and ensure current guidance is followed. To protect the privacy of individuals, no further information about the facility will be released.

Alamance County Health Department identified its first confirmed case of COVID-19 on March 20. Since then, there has been a total of 116 confirmed cases of COVID-19 identified in the community. Of those confirmed cases, 52 have been released from isolation and 62 remain active and in isolation. Included in the remaining active cases, four are receiving care at a hospital. Sadly, there have been two COVID-19 related deaths.

“As collection and testing increases in our area, we are likely to identify many more confirmed cases,” states Health Director Stacie Saunders. “It is important to use the precautions like washing your hands and keeping your distance from others. Please only make necessary outings because each interaction you have with another person could be an opportunity for the virus to spread.”

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