Immediately after the November 2019 bond referendums were approved for Alamance-Burlington Schools and Alamance Community College, joint staff meetings were organized to increase communication about current and future capital needs. This group, now established as the Technical Review Committee (TRC), is made up of County, ABSS, and ACC staff who meet regularly to provide oversight and coordination for capital projects while promoting accountability and transparency to the Board and the public.

This process will also include a committee that could include representatives from the Board of Commissioners, ABSS School Board, ACC Board of Trustees, and the public. This Capital Oversight Committee will help to establish goals and objectives for the TRC Committee and review information or recommendations shared by the TRC regarding capital projects in order to report back to all agency Boards.

Elementary SchoolsProjects CompletedCost
Alexander Wilson Elementary1. Painting
2. Installation of 3 ADA Accessibility Ramps
3. Installation of Walkway Canopy
A.O. Elementary1. Carpet Removal/Tile Installation
(classrooms, media areas, and/or offices)
B.E. Jordan Elementary
1. Painting
E.M. Holt Elementary1. Painting
E.M. Yoder Elementary1. Classroom Renovations
2. New Fire Alarm System
Garrett Elementary1. Carpet Removal/Tile Installation
(classrooms, media areas and/or offices)
Highland Elementary1. Classroom Renovations
Hillcrest Elementary1. Mobile Unit Installation,
North Graham Elementary1. New Fire Alarm System
Pleasant Grove Elementary1. Classroom Renovations
Smith Elementary1. New Fire Alarm System
South Graham Elementary1. Painting
2. Carpet Removal/Tile Installation (Media Center)
3. New Fire Alarm System
South Mebane Elementary1. Painting
2. Mobile Unit Installation
Middle SchoolsProjects CompletedCost
Broadview Middle School1. Roof Replacement
Turrentine Middle School1. Painting
High SchoolsProjects CompletedCost
Cummings High School1. Roof Replacement for school building
2. Roof Replacement for Fine Arts buildings
3. Nall Field House Remodeled due to flooding
Eastern High School1. New EC classroom
Southern High School1. Repaired Roof over cafeteria and gym area
Williams High School1. Classroom Renovations
OtherProjects CompletedCost
Sellars Gunn
1. New EC Therapy Rooms

Local Funding for Schools
Alamance County has developed a Capital Plan to guide the funding decisions for building, equipping, and maintaining school facilities (G.S. 115C-408(b)).   In addition to capital funding, Alamance County provides annual supplemental funding for school operating expenses (G.S. 115C-426(e)). Generally, these funds are used for local teacher and staff salary supplements, additional teaching or staff positions, and other programs and services.

Alamance County Funding Sources
Property Tax
: A portion of county property taxes (real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle) is used to fund school facilities and operating expenses
Public School Building Capital Fund Lottery: A portion of the state’s lottery proceeds is allocated to counties for educational purposes
Article 40 Sales Tax: 30% of the county’s Article 40 Sales and Use Tax is earmarked for public school capital projects or debt; the remaining 70% is not restricted to a specific use.
Article 42 Sales Tax: 60% of the county’s Article 42 Sales and Use Tax is earmarked for public school capital projects or debt; the remaining 40% is not restricted to a specific use.