On April 9, 2015. the SOAR Award for Employee Excellence was presented to the Employee of the Quarter: Mr. Jesse Ayers from Maintenance

Mr. Ayers will be presented as the winner at the next evening meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

Fellow nominees for this Quarter included:

Brenda Murphy-Finance
Tammy Rowland-MIS
Zsuzsa Pivarnick-MIS
Greg Slagell-MIS
Jeff Nelson-Mailroom/Printing Service
Richard Hill-Maintenance
Daniel Cubino-Sheriff’s Office
Brandon Mays-Sheriff’s Office
Carlos Rossi-Sheriff’s Office
Bill Perry- Central Communications
Rebecca Nance-DSS
Desiree Lewis-DSS
Carolyn Brooks-DSS
Rose Davis-DSS
Karen Martin-DSS
Danny Richardson-Alamance County Public Libraries
Cathy Wright-Alamance County Public Libraries
Katie Haney-Alamance County Public Libraries
Karin Clark-Alamance County Public Libraries
Edwina DeRosa-Passport Services

All of these employees display excellence in their respective fields. Please join me in congratulating all of the nominees.

Craig F. Honeycutt
County Manager


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