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Mission Area: Respond

Emergency Management supports first responders through the deployment of specialized resources, incident management assistance, multi-agency coordination, and management of the county’s Emergency Operations Center. Our office maintains an on-call schedule for emergency response anywhere in the county, or incident management support upon request through statewide mutual aid.

In partnership with the Alamance County Fire Marshal’s Office and the Local Emergency Planning Committee we are able to deploy:

  • MC-1 (mobile command Trailer)
  • HazMat-1 (hazardous materials response unit)
  • DPR Generator (150kw)
  • Command/Rehab Unit
  • Decontamination Shower Unit
  • DPR Shelter Trailer
  • County Shelter Trailer
  • Drone Trailer/Unit
  • Dodge 5500 Flat Bed Prime Mover
  • Ford F-250 Prime Mover
  • 3-Message/Sign Boards
  • Companion Animal Shelter Trailer
  •  Portable Light Tower
  • Multi Event Response Trailer (MERT)

Alamance County has access to state and regional resources through partnerships with other counties and North Carolina Emergency Management. Some of these resources include technician-level hazardous materials response teams, urban search and rescue teams, and Helo-aquatic rescue teams.

Picture of RRT-1 Main Tractor