In order to promote public safety, raise awareness of the benefits of home fire sprinkler systems, and help defray the cost of their installation in new homes, the Alamance County Inspections Department is pleased to institute our Fire Sprinkler Incentive Program.

The Program will discount the cost of a new home permit by 50% when a non-required home fire sprinkler system is installed, helping to significantly defray the cost of a system. There will also be no fee charged for the plan review or permit for the sprinkler system itself.

In order to qualify for the reduced permit fees:

  1. Sprinkler plans must be submitted and approved prior to issuance of building permit.
  2. The system must be installed by a licensed sprinkler contractor.
  3. If the sprinkler system is not to be installed, the difference between the reduced and regular permit fees must be paid prior to release of electrical service or certificate of occupancy.
  4. The system must pass all required inspections and be fully operational prior to issuance of certificate of occupancy.
  5. Special fee reduction is only valid for non-required NFPA 13 D sprinkler systems.

Our goal is to help more people become aware of the importance and affordability of Home Fire Sprinklers. Tell your contractor that you want Fire Sprinklers to keep your family safe!

For more information about the Sprinkler Incentive Program, please contact Robert Key, Inspections Director at or visit