Pleasant Grove Historical Marker
Pleasant Grove Historical Marker
The Alamance County Historic Properties Commission’s Historic Marker Program recognizes historic resources, persons and events that are significant in the areas of architecture, archaeology, county history and traditional culture. The purpose of the program is to increase public awareness of the rich cultural heritage of the county, to encourage historic preservation, and to augment the enjoyment of local historic sites. The presence of a historic marker does not necessarily mean the property is a Local Historic Landmark; however, most designated landmarks have a historic marker that describes the landmark’s significance.

Historic markers erected through this program are placed on private property outside of the public road right-of-way and generally display the Alamance County Historic Properties Commission seal. The North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program places historic markers on state and federal highways throughout the state; markers erected under this program display the state seal. For applications and more information on either program, click the links below.

Alamance County Marker Application and Guidelines

North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program

View a list of Marker Manufacturers provided by the State