Farmland Preservation

The Purpose of the Alamance County Farmland Preservation Programs is to:

“Promote agriculture values and the general welfare of the county by increasing identity and pride in the agriculture community and its way of life: encourage the economic and financial health of agriculture/ forestry: and increase protection from non-farm development and other negative impacts on properly managed farms.”

For more information contact the Voluntary Agriculture District Board, Alamance SWCD District Office or Cooperative Extension Service.

VAD Board Members

  • Bill Miller (Chairman)
  • Charles Newlin
  • Charlie Ansell
  • Greg Huffines
  • Roger Cobb
  • Sharon Carter
  • Paul Walker

Alamance Farmland Protection Plan

Click here to download (3.6mb PDF)

Alamance Farmland Preservation (PDR) Ordinance

Click here for Alamance Farmland Preservation Ordinance Amendment