On Wednesday, June 17, the Soil and Water Conservation District celebrated with Chandler Farm as the Alamance County’s Farmland Preservation Program increased by 75.62 acres!! This project was made possible by the partnership and support of the NC Agriculture Development & Farmland Preservation Trust Fund, Piedmont Land Conservancy, and Alamance County. 
Now accepting applications for the Farmland Preservation Program

Farmland Preservation

The Purpose of the Alamance County Farmland Preservation Programs is to:

“Promote agriculture values and the general welfare of the county by increasing identity and pride in the agriculture community and its way of life: encourage the economic and financial health of agriculture/ forestry: and increase protection from non-farm development and other negative impacts on properly managed farms.”

For more information contact the Voluntary Agriculture District Board, Alamance SWCD District Office or Cooperative Extension Service.

VAD Board Members

  • Paul Walker (Chairperson)
  • Sharon Carter (Vice Chairperson)
  • Frank Bell
  • Roger Cobb
  • Herbert Karreman
  • Steve Love
  • Charles Newlin

Alamance Farmland Protection Plan

Click here to download (3.6mb PDF)

Alamance Voluntary Agricultural District Program

Click here for the Voluntary Agricultural District Ordinance

Click here for the Voluntary Farmland Preservation Program Application

Alamance Farmland Preservation (PDR) Ordinance

Click here for Alamance Farmland Preservation Ordinance Amendment