Landfill Credit Application  

Businesses may apply to establish charge accounts with the Alamance County Landfill.  Charges will be billed on a monthly cycle.  Applicants can apply for credit by printing and completing the LANDFILL CREDIT APPLICATION.  Return the completed application to the Alamance County Landfill.  Applicants will be notified of approval.

Scrap Tire Certification Form

The North Carolina Division of Waste Management administers a comprehensive program to manage scrap tires. This program prevents illegal dumping of tires by providing an infrastructure to safely collect, store, and recycle scrap tires.

An advance disposal fee is charged when new tires are sold. The proceeds are distributed to each county  to pay for collection and recycling of tires. Each load of more than five tires must be accompanied by a completed SCRAP TIRE CERTIFICATION FORM for free disposal eligibility.


For further information, please contact the Alamance County Landfill at (336) 376-8902.