What are the hours for the landfill?

Monday-Friday 7AM-4:30PM Saturday 7AM-12PM

• What are the hours for the convenience/recycling center?

Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM Saturday 7AM-5PM Sunday 1PM-5PM

• What is the fee for bagged household garbage?

$0.50 for a 13 gallon bag, $1.00 for greater than 13 gallon

• Do I have to go across the scales?

Yes if you have large and bulky loads. The Convenience Center is for bagged household trash.

What recyclables are accepted at the convenience/recycling center?

Magazines/Catalogs, Mixed Paper, Phonebooks, Newspaper, Clear & Brown Glass, Aluminum Cans, Steel/metal Cans, Natural HDPE (Milk & Water jugs), Colored HDPE (Laundry Detergent bottles), PETE (Soda/Juice/Water/Sports Drink bottles) and Corrugated Cardboard

• Do you accept used oil/oil filters?

Yes, homeowners can bring up to 5-gallons of used oil and up to 5 used oil filters to the landfill for recycling.  There are also several local auto parts stores that accept those materials also.  Businesses should contact an oil recycler for proper disposal.

• How many used/scrap tires can I bring?

Homeowners are permitted to bring 5 tires, off the rims, to the landfill for free disposal.  You can bring more, but you have to qualify for free disposal.  If the tires don’t qualify, then the disposal fee is $76.00 per ton.