Alamance County Clerk of Court Meredith Edwards

Meredith Edwards grew up in the farming community surrounding Maple View farms in Orange County, North Carolina.  She attended Meredith College and earned Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in Political Science and the other in American History, with a minor in Criminal Justice.  She attended the University of North Carolina School of Law in Chapel Hill with a focus on public interest work.  Her first job out of law school was being hired as a prosecutor at the Alamance County District Attorney’s Office in 2007. There she prosecuted violent crimes cases and specialized in knowledge of human trafficking prosecutions. During her career as a prosecutor she regularly instructed juvenile law in Basic Law Enforcement Training for police cadets, as well as taught several semesters of juvenile and constitutional law as an adjunct professor at Alamance Community College. 

Elected in 2018 as Alamance County Clerk of Superior Court, she enjoys her continued service to the community.  During her tenure as Clerk she has brought many institutional changes to the Alamance County Clerk’s Office striving to provide the greatest service and accountability from the justice system to the public.  In 2020 she graduated from The Leadership Institute, a local leadership academy for government and non-profit officials offered through Impact Alamance and the United Way and from the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership, both of which helped bring new leadership perspectives and ideas into the court system.  In 2021 she was selected by the North Carolina Conference of Clerks of Superior Court to serve on the COVID Task Force Virtual Hearings Advisory Sub-Committee and was invited by Chief Justice Paul Newby to serve on the Chief Justice’s Task Force on ACE-Informed Courts.

In addition to her work as Clerk of Court, Meredith worships at The Lamb’s Chapel with her husband, Ben Edwards, a Sergeant in the Graham Police Department, and her boys, Zane and Henry, and twin girls, Edythe and Adeline.  She also sits on the advisory board for the State Employees Credit Union, Burlington branch, and on the Executive Committee for the Alamance County Bar Association.  In addition, she is a member of Partners Off Duty, the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce, the Women’s Resource Center, and the Alamance Republican Women’s Organization.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CLERK. Watch this informative video to find out the role of the Clerk of Court.