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For those who haven’t been introduced to podcasts, think of them as radio programs you can listen to “on demand” over the internet. There are over a million podcasts available on a range of topics from providers like Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

As book lovers, there are an abundance of podcasts on books to choose from. Katherine Arends, longtime Manager of the Mebane Public Library, enjoys The Book Review podcast from The New York Times. “My favorite part is at the end when staff all discuss what they are currently reading,” Katherine says. “It is fascinating to hear everyone on the podcast talk so knowledgably about literature and various topics. I envy their capacity for soaking everything up.”

Katherine also recommends But That’s Another Story, a podcast by Will Schwalbe, author of the book The End of Your Life Book Club. Schwalbe has conversations with authors and other notable people about the book that changed their life. According to Katherine: “It is really interesting hearing the different books that have impacted others and how it helped to shape their lives. Episodes are around 25 minutes each, so easily consumed, and Schwalbe has a very calm and soothing demeanor that makes for relaxed listening.” Interested in learning about more podcasts for book lovers? Check out this article from Penguin Books UK!

Book Reviews

The Thursday Murder Club

I love mystery novels of all kinds, from the fluffiest cozies to the grittiest police novel…

The Potlikker Papers

Distinguished food writer John Edge talks about the Civil Rights movement and the New South eating scene via the lens of its foodways and culinary traditions.

The Thirty Names of Night

The Thirty Names of Night is Zeyn Joukhandar’s follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut novel, The Map of Salt and Stars.

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