Book Club Kits

A large number of Book Club Kits are available to be checked out at any time by patrons with a valid library card.  The kit checks out for 6 weeks and cannot be renewed. No more than 2 kits can be borrowed at one time by a patron.

Books and Stories to Go

Books & Stories to Go Kits

A collection of over 100 Books and Stories to Go, also called Smart Start, bags on a variety of themes.  Available to any patron with a valid library card.

Lucky Day Collection

Lucky Day Collection

Are you looking for the newest best seller but don’t want to wait for the 92 people who are already on the hold list?  The Lucky Day Collection allows patrons to find the newest books without waiting.  Must be in person to check the shelves.  Lucky Day books and DVDs will check out for one week no renewals.

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries

There are now 50,000 Little Free Libraries all over the world. Search the official Little Free Library map to find any near you today!

Staff Reviews

Cover of Thirsty. Young woman floating on her back in a pool with a red Solo cup in the pool, another on the side of the pool, spilling liquid, and a wine bottle floating beside her. Her face is out of the water, and it looks like tears are running down her face.


Thirsty. Hammonds, Jas. New York : Roaring Brook Press, 2024. Content Warning: alcohol addiction, self-hatred, bullying, hazing, and suicidal ideation. Wow. Jas Hammonds writes books that move you to tears… Thirsty

Cover of Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead. Bright pink background with man and woman on a motorbike, which is facing toward the bottom left corner of the page.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Vol. 1-10

Zom 100 (manga) : bucket list of the dead / story by Haro Aso ; art by Kotaro Takata ; translation: Nova Skipper ; touch-up art & lettering: Vanessa Satone.… Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Vol. 1-10

Summer Reading poster - Adventure Begins at Your Library. Graphic has kids using a book as a skate ramp. There is a child on a skateboard, roller skates, scooter and bike.

Summer Reading Program – Adventure Begins at Your Library!

The summer reading theme for this year is Adventure Begins in Your Library, and we have plenty of adventures for people of all ages! Our Summer Reading Kickoff is this… Summer Reading Program – Adventure Begins at Your Library!

Cover of This Could Be Us. Pink background, flowers on the bottom of the cover and going up the right side, into the hair and body of a black woman, who is looking over her shoulder.

This Could Be Us

This could be us. Ryan, Kennedy. New York: Forever, 2024. In true Kennedy Ryan fashion, This Could Be Us is a beautiful romance novel about self-love and self-discovery for fans… This Could Be Us

Cover of Someday Maybe. Black woman with an afro, gold earrings and green dress. Background of cover is a textured orange and white.

Someday, Maybe

Someday, Maybe. Nwabineli, Onyi. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Graydon House, [2022]. Content Warning: Suicide, depression, grief “Someday, maybe” is a quote that sums up hopes and fears of our main character.… Someday, Maybe

Cover of The Mystery of Locked Rooms. Bright, colorful cover, with the three kids featured. Sarah is on top of "mystery" crawling, Hannah is swinging on a rope, silhouetted in the "o" of "locked", and West is breaking through one of the "o"s in "rooms." The "c" is a magnet, another "o" is a keyhole, and the word "of" is surrounded by a rotary dial of a telephone.

The Mystery of Locked Rooms

Currie, Lindsay. The Mystery of Locked Rooms. Naperville, Illinois : Sourcebooks Young Readers, [2024]. The Mystery of Locked Rooms is a cute middle grade (3rd-8th) novel with a fantastical 1950s… The Mystery of Locked Rooms

Cover of Maame by Jessica George. Colorful flowered cover, with pinks, greens, yellows and reds. Flowers are large and dominate the cover.


George, Jessica. Maame. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2023. For our protagonist, Maddie Wright, life is full of questions and Google searches. Just to name a few of those… Maame

Cover of Dandadan Vol. 1. Manga title, has closeup of young woman scowling and a laughing older man over her right shoulder.

Dandadan Vol. 1

Tatsu, Yukinobu. Dandadan Vol. 1. San Francisco, CA : VIZ Media, LLC, [2021]. Content Warning: Mature themes. Not intended for younger readers. Two words: Turbo Granny. Supernatural phenomena or aliens?… Dandadan Vol. 1

Cover of North Carolina's Roadside Eateries. Photo of author D. G. Martin at a restaurant talbe with food and drink in front of him.

Traveling Through North Carolina

It’s almost summer, and maybe you’re planning some week-long or long weekend trips. You don’t have to go far to find some great vacation spots! This week, we’re recommending some… Traveling Through North Carolina

Cover of Ten Ways to Hear Snow. Older woman and young girl walk through a snowy landscape, looking at nature.

Arab American Heritage Month

It may be the end of April, but we can’t let the month end without sharing some great books to celebrate Arab American Heritage Month! Ten Ways to Hear Snow… Arab American Heritage Month

Cover of Climbing the Volcano. Young man standing and looking towards reader, wearing a backpack, and following his parents. Background has trees, lake and a mountain.

Poetry for Kids and Teens

It’s National Poetry Month, and my (unofficial) research shows that children love reading poetry, and hearing poetry read to them. Below you’ll find a mix of new poetry books and… Poetry for Kids and Teens

Cover of A Library. Young Black girl, hugging books to her chest, standing in front of a library. The image is a painting with beautiful colors.

Celebrate Libraries for National Library Week

National Library Week is April 7-13, and we’re celebrating by sharing books about libraries! Some are inspirational, some involve murder, but all show that libraries are the place to be.… Celebrate Libraries for National Library Week

Cover of All the Sinners Bleed.

All The Sinners Bleed

Cosby, S.A. All The Sinners Bleed. New York : Flatiron Books, 2023. Content Warnings: death, torture, rape, gore, violence, racial slurs, school shootings, pedophilia. If you like your mysteries/thrillers with… All The Sinners Bleed

Cover of The Fix-Its Nail Needs Help.

New Easy Readers Bring Joy to Kids!

New Easy Readers Bring Joy to Kids! If your child is a beginning reader, you know the joy of finding easy readers that get them excited. We have a lot… New Easy Readers Bring Joy to Kids!

Cover of Becoming Madam Secretary

Women’s History Month Picks

Since March is Women’s History Month, we’re sharing some of the Historical Fiction books that were published in the last year by women, about women in history! Becoming Madam Secretary… Women’s History Month Picks

Cover of The Hobbit.

Great Books to Read as a Family

Parents and caregivers know the best way to help their child become a strong reader and successful at school is to read to them! But as kids get older, they… Great Books to Read as a Family

Cover of The Bandit Queens. Black cover, title in multicolor letters, two sets of stylized eyes, one with a nose ring and the other with a bindi.

The Bandit Queens

The Bandit Queens. Shroff, Parini. New York : Ballantine Books, [2023]. Content warnings: misogyny, classism, body shaming, rape and attempted rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, alcoholism, acid attacks, murder. Sometimes… The Bandit Queens

Photo of NC Flag

North Carolina Novels

There’s some sort of thrill when you read a book that is set in a familiar place, either where you live now, or a place you used to live. Luckily,… North Carolina Novels

Lovingkindness Meditation cover - audiobook

Lovingkindness Meditation

Lovingkindness Meditation by Sharon Salzberg On this Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share a resource that has been proven to increase people’s sense of well-being called lovingkindness meditation.  On Hoopla*,… Lovingkindness Meditation

Cover of Tumble. Young girl wearing a luchador mask and a big grin.

Super Bowl Picks

Super Bowl Picks It’s Super Bowl week, so why not have feature some books where sports and their players play a main role? Tumble by Celia C. Pérez Addie Ramirez… Super Bowl Picks

Cover of Love Hypothesis. Two scientists kissing with beakers and chemistry items on counter in background.

Romance Roundup

In honor of Valentine’s Day, lets chat about romance novels. What are they and why do we like them? There are two requirements for a book to be considered a… Romance Roundup

Cover of Pea, Bee and Jay: Stuck Together. Yellow bee with glasses, blue jay and green pea on on the cover, walking/flying/rolling through a green meadow.

Great Pairs in Children’s Literature

This Wednesday, January 24, is National Peanut Butter Day, which made me think of peanut butter and jelly, which made me think of other great pairs, trios and groups in… Great Pairs in Children’s Literature

In the Dark I See You

In The Dark I See You

In the dark I see you. Narayanan, Mallika. New York: Union Square & Co., 2023. A blind woman stumbles (literally) over a body in her neighbor’s condo, and becomes a… In The Dark I See You

Reading is Snow Much Fun Sticker - Book, with stars, and a blue background with snowflakes. At bottom, reads ACPL Winter Reading 2024.

ACPL Winter Reading Program

January 16 – February 16 Reading is SNOW much fun! Our annual Winter Reading Program begins on Tuesday, January 16. We invite readers of all ages to participate in Book… ACPL Winter Reading Program

Cover of Speak Your Truth with Love and Listen Deeply.

Speak Your Truth with Love and Listen Deeply

Speak Your Truth with Love and Listen Deeply. Sofer, Oren Jay. Sounds True; 2022. During the height of COVID, I started studying communication with Oren Jay Sofer, a certified trainer in… Speak Your Truth with Love and Listen Deeply

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