– Meet Katherine Arends


Katherine Arends was promoted to the Collection Development Manager for the Alamance County Public Libraries from her position as the Branch Manager of the Mebane Public Library. Congratulations!

How long have you worked with the County?
I celebrated my 20 year anniversary this past October (both work and marriage).

Where are you from originally?
I was born and raised in Fayetteville, N.C., and no, my family was not in the military.

What are you most passionate about?
I worry about our natural world, the loss of habitat for wildlife, and the amount of pollution and waste, especially from plastic.

Do you have a hobby?
I do lots of things, none very well. I’ve made one quilt in my life and recently have gotten into making junk journals and altered books. I enjoy spending time outdoors walking and paddling, and usually have a pair of binoculars around my neck.

When you were little, what was your dream job?
I was definitely a tomboy and wanted to be a cowboy, not cowgirl.

If your life was a song, what would the title be?
I would like for it to be Free by Zac Brown Band.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
I lived in Alaska for a while and bear was not an uncommon item on the dinner table.

What’s your favorite TV Show?
If I had to pick one I’d say Freaks and Geeks, but I also love Madmen, Downton Abbey, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, and the first few seasons of Gray’s Anatomy.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned recently?
My husband just told me all about the Texas City, TX explosion from 1947 which was a nuclear-strength explosion caused by fertilizer stores on a ship that killed almost 600 people.

What books are on your nightstand?
Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller, Why I Don’t Write and Other Stories by Susan Minot, I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf by Grant Snider, and This Time Next Year We’ll Be Laughing: A Memoir by Jacqueline Winspear.

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