Cover of You Make it Feel Like Christmas. Black couple kissing in front of large beautiful Christmas tree, light blue cover with white snow on the ground and snowflakes in the air.

We love to highlight all different genres of books, so this week, we’re featuring several new Christian Romance Fiction choices on our shelves.

Cover of A Million Little Choices. Back of woman, long blond hair blowing in breeze.

A Million Little Choices by Tamera Alexander

This book is set in two different time periods – present day and the 1860s. Two women face marital breaking points and must decide how best to advocate for what they need, trusting God to lead them down the right path. Content warning: this book features spousal abuse and threats of murder in the 1860s timeline.

Cover of Her Secret Hope. Young woman in Amish clothing smiling in front of background of sea oats and sky.

Her Secret Hope (3rd of a series) by Shelley Shepard Gray

Other books in the series: Her Heart’s Desire and Her Only Wish.

It has been two years since Lily traveled to Florida from Ohio, and she’s happy with her new life. At least, most of the time, she’s happy. But now she has met Eddie, a hard-working farmer, from a town close to hers in Ohio. She believes she can’t go back to a place where she wasn’t accepted, but she can’t ask him to stay in Florida with her. Can she?

Cover of A Royal Christmas. Woman in green floor-length fancy dress is standing at the bottom of a grand staircase, decorated with garland.

A Royal Christmas by Melody Carlson

This novella is perfect Christmas reading! Adelaide has just found out she is a direct descendant of King Maximillian V of Montovia. She can’t believe that this is real life, but decides to take the king up on his offer of a holiday in Montovia. She finds a beautiful country with very jealous royal relatives, and a chance of fairy-tale, happily-ever-after love.

Cover of Julia Monroe Begins Again. Man at top of cover, holding coffee and a bakery bag, woman sitting at bottom of cover with coffee, bottom left of cover has a street lamp, and a table for two.

Julia Monroe Begins Again by Rebekah Millet

Julia Monroe is in her 40s, and hoping for a fresh new start. She is a widow with two grown children, but now she can focus on herself and building her New Orleans cleaning business. But God and her best friend has other plans for her, throwing her together with her old flame, Samuel, who has just moved back home. She wants to avoid him, to keep her heart from breaking again, but will she give him a chance?

Cover of Shadows at Dusk. Woman stares at camera, hair blowing a bit in the wind, looks serious, title below her, bottom is scenery from Alaska with mountains and green trees and a lake.

Shadows at Dusk (2nd of a series) by Elizabeth Goddard

First book in the series is: Cold Light of Day.

Set in southern Alaska, this book is a romantic suspense featuring a bush pilot named Carrie and a Montana detective named Trevor. Trevor is searching for his missing sister, and all he has to go on are some photographs. Carrie knows the area well and can help him, if he helps her find her best friend’s killer along the way. The two face danger on their quest for answers, and must learn to trust each other.

Cover of You Make It Feel Like Christmas. Black couple kissing in front of beautiful tall Christmas tree, background is blue sky, white snow, snowflakes in the air.

You Make it Feel Like Christmas by Toni Shiloh

Starr is struggling. She’s come home for Christmas with no job and no significant other, and she has to attend her sister’s wedding to her ex-boyfriend. Thankfully, her brother’s best friend jumps in and offers to attend wedding festivities with her, in exchange for her fixing up his failing Christmas shop. Could this lead to her happily-ever-after?

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