Alamance County Poetry Stroll 2024, April 1-30, 2024 in the windows of Alamance County businesses. Contest sponsored by Alamance Arts, Alamance County Public Libraries and Burlington Writers Club (all logos). Image is word poetry in metal letters in brown, with other letters in the background.

Thank you to the businesses and poets who participated in this year’s Poetry Stroll! We will be hosting a reception on Saturday, May 11 from 2-4 p.m. at Alamance Arts for the poets. The public is invited as well to stroll around the room and see the poems all in one place.


The Blend & Co. – Reflective Narrator by Cheryl Wilder

Boston Sandwich Shop – Deer in the Forest by Kimberly Price

Burlington Beer Works – Allison’s Poem by Wendy Dembeck

Burlington Food Hall – Spring Love by Eleanor Scheible and Loss by Mason Sanford

Burlington Nutrition – Her Legacy by Kay Andrews

Christmas Cheer – My Peepaw by Lylah Croston

DJ’s Bakes and Bites – Into the Woods by Karen Watts

The Glass Angel – Sweet (and I Smile) by C. Hope Littleton

Impact Alamance – Crystalize by Lee Goodman
and Father by Shelby Goudy

Lowe Vintage Instrument Company – Anxiety by Gordon B

Main Street Vinyl – Morning by Kristy Mabe

May Memorial Library – My Grandmother’s House by Mandy Campbell Moore and Nanosecond by Brenda Wilson

Miles of Sweetness – Calendar in Reverse by Mandy Campbell Moore

Multiverse – Morning Joe by Christine Nygren

North Park Library – Origami Folds by Tammy Shropshire

Owl & Rabbit Gallery – Kaleidoscope by Kathia

Persnickety Books – i want to be like fire by Mtende Roll

Pink & Fierce – Webs of Resilience by Dominique Day Hunter

Tanners Wine Bar – Life’s Journey by Denise Saletta

United Way of Alamance County – I am there – think of me by Francie Stirling

Wayne’s Attic – Sunday Drivers by Jamie Everhart

Wildflower on Main – Luna by Rhea Wisterman


Pandora’s Pies – When the Time is Ripe by Lauren Farris

The Root – Wander Lost by Debra McCusker

Simply Oak – Dreamer’s Dream by Lee Goodman

Tangent Eat + Bar – Poem of 2020 by Elizabeth Solzazzo


64 Harvard – A Message from the Earth by Emma Kingsley-Jones and Reverse Depression Poem by Kiera Swift

Alamance Arts – Lady in the Night by Gordon B

America’s Matress – Daffodil by Francie Stirling

The Broom Closet – The Sun and the Lamp by Laura Heffley

Charm Salon – Shelter Cat by Dianna Aubin

Children’s Museum of Alamance County – It’s Fall by Cole Bowland

Court Square Florist – Vases by Aliyah Evans

Graham Public Library – A Drinkin’ Man by Keith Lute and A Glimpse of Glory by Susan Maxon

Little Blessings Consignment – Beads Galore by San Griffin

Little Brother Brewing Co. – Ode to Eau by Matthew Kerr

The Main Line – Dreaming in the Cotswolds by Rebecca Cole-Turner

O. V. Yonder’s – Cormorant Alchemy by Christine Nygren

Press Coffee and Crepes – Salt by Cecelia Vassar

Rhiannon Benesch Licensed Massage Therapist – 2020 in the Rearview by Debra McCusker

Sandy & Company – North Carolina Seashore by Cheryl Wilder

Skids 2 – Truth by Jamie Everhart

Sutton’s Drug Store – Change by Brenda Wilson

Things Above – Good News by Bridgett Inks

The Verdict on the Square – Operation by Stephanie Phipps

Whit’s Custard – She Flies on the Breeze by Kristy Mabe

Green Level

Green Level Community Center – when i was a little girl by Mtende Roll

Haw River

Rambling River Mercantile – Homemaker by Jenn Croston

Victorian Coffee Shop – The Love of Birdwatching by Zadie Smith


Action Travel, Inc./Clay Street Antiques – The Core by Tammy Shropshire

Clay Street Printing & Signs – Nature’s Lullaby by Amanda Gillespie

Crafted: Art of the Taco – Innocence in Colors by Amanda Gillespie

Curious Peddler – George Washington Hall – Papa by Kay Andrews

Eclectic Emporium – Yesterday’s Remembrance by Jean Bailey Robor

Go Girl Shoppe – Treading by Aliyah Evans

Grit and Grace – Her by Rhea Wisterman

Hen Feathers at The Elegant Relic – To My Little Belly by Elizabeth Solazzo

Impulsive Creativity Ni:Ska Hahe by Dominique Daye Hunter

La Boardega – Bigger Picture by Tina Buck

Little Shops of Mebane – Charting the Course by Wendy Dembeck

Lou’s Bakery – Life’s Locomotion by Kathia

Mebane Public Library – Wildflowers by Susan Maxon and Watering Can by Cecelia Vassar

Solgarden – To Be a Mother by Aaliyah Jones


Cup 22/Haw River Ballroom – Ode to Joe by Matthew Kerr

The Pop Shoppe – Cicada Daze 2024 by Ed Cockerell

Saxapahaw General Store – Beside the Haw River by Rebecca Cole-Turner

Invitation to Poetry Stroll 2024 reception. Saturday, May 11, 2-4 p.m., Alamance Arts, 213 S. Main St., Graham. Awards for Reader's Choice will be awarded at 3 p.m.