Future Sales

1.) Alamance County v. Tracey Whitted, formerly Tracy D. Allen and Timothy Neal Allen, Parcel ID# 134975, 704 Longest Street, Graham, NC

2.) Alamance County v. Dwight & Glenda Evans, Heirs, Parcel ID# 154636, 2456 Green Level Church Road, Burlington, NC

3.) Alamance County v. G.W. Wagoner, Jr., Builders, Inc.,  403  & 413 McKinley Place, Mebane, NC    -Parcel ID# 165746 & 165751

4.) Alamance County v. Melinda McCauley 2938 Faucette Lane, Burlington, NC -Parcel ID# 150318

5.) Alamance County v. Hargett and Bryant, 519 Apple Street, Burlington, NC -Parcel ID# 136650

6.) Alamance County v. Boyd F. Florence, Sr., 1638 Payne Rd., Graham, NC  -Parcel ID# 157807

7.) Alamance County v. John Daniel Sellars, and the Heirs of Madelyn Carol Williams Sellars, Vac. lot located on Denny Circle Graham, NC  -Parcel ID# 134668

 8.)  Alamance County v. Deborah C. Love, single and  Kathy Fulk Love  1401 S. Main Street, Graham, NC  -Parcel ID# 144331         STARTING BID $8,604.11 plus last Ad Fee to be added

144331- 1401 S.Main St.

That certain tract or parcel of land in Graham Township, Alamance County, North Carolina, lying on the west side of North Carolina Highway 87 and adjoining a thirty foot road lot No. 4 and other lands of J.K. Glenn, and bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at an iron stake at the intersection of the western margin of said Highway 87 with the southeastern margin of said thirty foot road; and running thence with said Highway South 31 deg. 34’ East 95 feet to an iron stake corner with lot 4; thence South 63 deg. 10’ West 371.6 feet to an iron stake corner with J.K. Glenn; thence with Glenn, North 31 deg. 45’ West 95 feet to an iron stake in the margin of said thirty foot road; thence with said road, North 63 deg. 10’ East 371.3 feet to the beginning and being lot No. 5 and an additional unnumbered lot immediately behind said lot 5 of the of the property of J.K. Glenn and wife, Velna Glenn, as surveyed by W.T. Hall, May 1, 1947. SOLD “AS IS, WHERE IS.”