Future Sales

1.) Alamance County v. Dwight & Glenda Evans, Heirs, Parcel ID# 154636, 2456 Green Level Church Road, Burlington, NC

2.) Alamance County v. G.W. Wagoner, Jr., Builders, Inc.,  403  & 413 McKinley Place, Mebane, NC    -Parcel ID# 165746 & 165751

3.) Alamance County v. Boyd F. Florence, Sr., 1638 Payne Rd., Graham, NC  -Parcel ID# 157807

4.) Alamance County v. John Daniel Sellars, and the Heirs of Madelyn Carol Williams Sellars, Vac. lot located on Denny Circle Graham, NC  -Parcel ID# 134668

5.)  Alamance County v. Deborah C. Love, single and  Kathy Fulk Love  1401 S. Main Street, Graham, NC  -Parcel ID# 144331         STARTING BID $8,604.11 plus last Ad Fee to be added

144331- 1401 S.Main St.

That certain tract or parcel of land in Graham Township, Alamance County, North Carolina, lying on the west side of North Carolina Highway 87 and adjoining a thirty foot road lot No. 4 and other lands of J.K. Glenn, and bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at an iron stake at the intersection of the western margin of said Highway 87 with the southeastern margin of said thirty foot road; and running thence with said Highway South 31 deg. 34’ East 95 feet to an iron stake corner with lot 4; thence South 63 deg. 10’ West 371.6 feet to an iron stake corner with J.K. Glenn; thence with Glenn, North 31 deg. 45’ West 95 feet to an iron stake in the margin of said thirty foot road; thence with said road, North 63 deg. 10’ East 371.3 feet to the beginning and being lot No. 5 and an additional unnumbered lot immediately behind said lot 5 of the of the property of J.K. Glenn and wife, Velna Glenn, as surveyed by W.T. Hall, May 1, 1947. SOLD “AS IS, WHERE IS.”

7.) Alamance Co. v. Elite Warehousing, LLC  -BA located at 300 E. Parker Street, Parcel ID# 146399; Vac. Lot located on Parker Street, Parcel ID# 146048; Vac. Lot located on Parker Street, Parcel ID# 146420

8.) Alamance Co. v. Gladys Fuller, Heirs -Vac. Lot located off of Carter Road, Haw River, NC  -Parcel ID# 154584

9.) Alamance Co. v. Magnolia S. Lowe, Heirs  – Property located at 2985 Elder Lane, Burlington, NC -Parcel ID# 111731

10.) Alamance Co. v. John C. Ray, Heirs  -Property located at 412 Rolling Road, Haw River, NC  -Parcel ID# 153694