Future Sales

1.) Alamance County v. Tracey Whitted, formerly Tracy D. Allen and Timothy Neal Allen, Parcel ID# 134975, 704 Longest Street, Graham, NC

2.) Ollie J. Wiley and wife, Sadie S. Wiley, both deceased, and any Unknown Heirs and Descendants, Parcel ID# 138343, 356 N. St, John Street, Burlington, NC

3.) Alamance County v. Sandy C. Walker, Heirs, Parcel ID# 137342, 812 Williams Street, Burlington, NC 

4.) Alamance County v. Tanis Morton, Heirs, Parcel ID# 132353, Vac. Lot at 810 Avon Ave., Burlington, NC

5.) Alamance County v. Dwight & Glenda Evans, Heirs, Parcel ID# 154636, 2456 Green Level Church Road, Burlington, NC

6.) Alamance County v. FirstResource Trust, Parcel ID# 137913, Vac. Lot on Williams Street, Burlington, NC

7.) Alamance County v. James Minor, Jr., Parcel ID# 159023, Vac. Land located on Culberson Road, Burlington, NC