The Alamance County Tax Department values registered motor vehicles in accordance with the State-adopted TEC DataSystems valuation manual. While this manual is generally reliable and has a high correlation to other such guides including the Kelley Blue Book and the NADA manual, there are differences. Citizens who believe that the value rendered by the TEC DataSystems manual is inaccurate should contact our office to inform us of their concern. We can be reached by phone at:


There are several adjustments that can be performed by our staff which may remedy the situation. In the event that this does not satisfy the concern, citizens are provided with two alternative valuation options: they may submit a bill of sale or provide us with an appraisal or dealer price opinon.

When a Bill of Sale is presented, Tax Department staff may adjust our valuation in accordance with the actual purchase price, depreciated for the time since the vehicle was purchased. The purchase price includes the value of any trade-in property as well as any dealer prep or doc fees.

A Private Appraisal or Dealer Price Opinon form may also be submitted. Appraisals may be provided in the standard form used by the vehicle appraiser. Dealer Price Opinions must be provided on the county form (see the link below).

Due to statutory limitations, adjustments of vehicle value may only be performed from the time the bill is received to 30 days after the bill becomes due.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our vehicle values, please do not hesitate to contact us.