Present Use Program

Alamance County’s Present Use Program (Farm Use) is operated by our two Farm/PUV Appraisers. They can be contacted at (336) 570-4118.

If you wish to visit, it is best to call and make an appointment to ensure that someone will be available to speak with you. A subsequent field visit may be required to provide all of the pertinent information.

Please remember that the present use taxation program is a voluntary tax relief program for farmers, timber growers, and horticulturists. Land meeting all eligibility requirements may qualify for the program initially, but the landowner’s objectives/intentions dictate whether the property can continue meeting those requirements annually.


PUV Application

Application for classification under the Present Use Value program can be made during the month of January each year. The deadline to receive the application is January 31st (postmarked or in-office). Below you will find a copy of the application to print and fill out.

General PUV Information

The NC Department of Revenue PUV Guide and the Alamance County PUV Brochure are available below in PDF format for easy viewing, download and printing

List of Consulting Foresters

Provided below is a link to a list of Consulting Foresters for North Carolina Forest Service District 11 (Alamance, Caswell, Durham, Granville, Orange, Person, Vance, and Wake Counties). The list is compiled by the NC Division of Forest Resources.

NOTE: This is a list of individuals that offer forest management consulting services and have requested that their information be posted on the NC Division of Forest Resources’ web site. This listing of consulting foresters may be incomplete. The NC Division of Forest Resources does not guarantee the consultant’s performance, and no recommendation or sponsorship of any single individual or firm is implied. Landowners should obtain references and evaluate qualifications prior to choosing a consulting forester.