The Apprasial Section is part of the Real Property Division of the Tax Department. The Appraisal team is tasked with providing tax values for approximately 70,000 parcels.

There are eight persons on the Appraisal Section:

  • Appraisal Supervisor
  • Commercial Appraiser
  • (2) Farm Appraisers
  • (3) Residential Appraisers
  • Appraisal Clerk

The appraisal staff must measure, list and assess all real property in Alamance County. They are responsible to answer citizen questions and provide information to the public. Our appraisal staff must review any appeal of real property and represent the County before the County Board of Equalization & Review and the State Property Tax Commission.

Our staff valued 2,630 residential and 174 commercial properties last year, as well as performing audits on 164 farms. The Appraisal Section also resolved 161 appeals.