County Office BuildingWelcome to the Alamance County Tax Department Webpage. The Tax Department is responsible for the listing and valuation of taxable real and personal property within Alamance County, as well as collection and reporting of tax revenue.

The Tax Office is open between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM  Monday through Friday (excluding holidays and inclement weather) and is located on the first floor of the Alamance County Office Building.

*NOTE: The 2017 Revaluation is currently in progress. The Tax Department is utilizing a combination of employees and contracted local real estate professionals to perform field checks across the county. All such persons should be properly identified by county-issued photo ID's and seals on their vehicle. If you have a concern regarding field data collection, please contact us at 336-570-4116.

The 2014 Tax Bills were due September 1, 2014. The grace period ended January 5, 2015. As of January 6th, interest is being applied and enforcements are underway. To avoid additional interest, advertisement, wage garnishment, attachment of bank accounts, and other statutory enforcements it is important to pay your bill as soon as possible.

Payment can be made by cash, check, credit or debit (a fee applies for credit and debit payments). Payment may be made in person, by mail, by phone or online.

Contact the Alamance County Tax Office at:[at]alamance-nc[dot]com

124 West Elm Street
Graham, NC  27253
(336) 228-1312

Tax Administrator: Jeremy Akins