1.) Alamance County vs. Viada Alston Parrish, Viada Paris and Viada Parrish LLoyd: Parcel ID# 158080 -Property located at 1823 Lambert Road, Graham, NC                                                           

Starting Bid was $3,650.42, the property sold on 4-25-18 for $5,000.00. The bid was upset on 7-16-18 to $18,811.41. The bid can now be upset through Thursday July 26th, 2018.                                                                                                        

A certain tract or parcel of land in Thompson Township, Alamance County, North Carolina, adjoining the lands of Jehu Thompson, Wesley Paris and others, and BEGINNING at a point in the Graham Road (a rock planted on bank of road); thence N. 75° E. 14 chs. and 89 lks. to a rock and pointers on Jehu Thompson’s line; thence S. 3-1/2° E. 9 chs. and 25 lks. to a rock, Jehu Thompson’s and Wesley Paris’ corner; thence with Wesley Paris line, N. 84° W. 15 chs. and 45 lks. to the center of the Graham Road (a rock planted on the bank); thence with said road, N. 2-1/2° W. 4 chs. and 30 lks. to the 1st station, containing 10 acres, more or less. This is the same property conveyed to Pinky Paris Morrow by deed dated November 19, 1962 and recorded in Book 310 at Page 123 of the Alamance County Registry. SAVE AND EXCEPT all of those parcels heretofore conveyed, all of which appear of record in the Alamance County Registry. SOLD “AS IS, WHERE IS.”