Alamance Board of Elections is a three member board appointed every two years to ensure fair, honest, impartial, and efficient elections on the municipal, county, state, and federal level.

It is responsible for the overall administration and implementation of the electoral process including maintaining city and county voter registration records, campaign finance disclosures, and voter education in Alamance County.

Workload Measures 2020-21
Number of voter education events that the BOE participates in: 
Number of election officials trained each election:
Number of voter information changes (i.e. new registrations, name, address and party changes, duplicate registrations, etc.): 14,504
Number of verification cards mailed (i. e. new registration changes, NCOA changes, list maintenance changes, etc.): 15,659
Track the number of registrations removed:
Updated 8/04/20

1) To ensure correct processes are followed, the BOE will require each position (judges, voting equipment assistants, greeters, curbside assistants and check-in assistants) to attend one training class offered to precinct officials for each election In Progress
2) To ensure accurate elections, Elections staff will complete 100% of required logic and accuracy testing and calibration on all voting equipment prior to each election In Progress
3) To abide by State standards, the BOE will participate in the required Mock Election for each election In Progress
4) To provide voters with information and encourage voter participation, the BOE will mail voter cards within two weeks from the time the voter registration application/change was received in the office In Progress
5) To provide information to the public, the BOE will post NVRA (National Voter Registration Act) Statistics on the website monthly In Progress
6) To provide information to the public, the BOE will post a report of the current registered voters in Alamance County by precinct, party, race, and gender monthly on the website In Progress
7) To provide information to the public, the BOE will scan and post Quarterly Campaign Finance Reports to the website within two weeks of receipt from the campaign in order to encourage the availability and public transparency of campaign finance reports In Progress