Veterans Services assists veterans and dependents in benefits and files service connected disabilities and non-service pension claims; and files medical, burial, and vocational rehabilitation appeals, as well as NC benefits. This department also orders departments of defense records, assists with medical bills, orders medical records, and helps to promote education, and home loans.

Workload Measures: 2019/2020
Number of walk-ins:
Number clients served: 
Number of calls received:
Number of calls returned:
Number of fully developed claims:
Number of scanned documents: 
Number of after hour meetings and events:
Number of referrals to outside agencies:
Number of defense inquiries:
Number of Congressional inquiries and referrals:
Number of assists with numerous medical and non-medical issues:
Number of out of county veterans served:
Updated 6/27/2019

1) To effectively provide services to veterans, staff will be trained to use VetSpec (VA web program)In Progress
2) To improve efficiency, veteran staff will participate in conferences and state trainings for a total of 16 CEUs per yearIn Progress
3) To encourage community recognition and support, Veteran Service office will coordinate the Veterans Day Parade.In Progress
4) To educate and connect veterans with services, VSO will provide at least 5 outreach events to the community
5) To ensure efficient case management, 70% of compensation claims will be filed as fully developed within 90 daysIn Progress
6) To increase veteran service provision, the Veterans Department will organize a summit with veteran service officers and representation from county management from surrounding counties to explore opportunities for state and federal fundingIn Progress