Veteran's Day ParadeVeterans Services assists veterans and dependents in benefits and files service connected disabilities and non-service pension claims.

It also files medical, burial, and vocational rehabilitation appeals, as well as NC benefits. This department orders departments of defense records, assists with medical bills, orders medical records, and helps to promote education, and home loans.

Workload Measures: 2016/2017
Calls Received: 3,948
Calls Returned: 3,768
Military Record Request:148
Number of Requests Mailed: 148
Clients Served Monthly: 4,906
New Claims Filed: 310
Pieces of Mail Received: 281
Appointments: 1,005
Appointments without follow-up: 884
Updated 6/16/17

Customer Service: Track number of phone calls received per day and return within 24 hours.check
Customer Service: See clients on walk in basis for non-claim related issues.check
Efficiency: Military Discharge (DD-214) are requested very frequently. This information is the most important document the Veteran possess. We now will process these request online to ensure faster response time from National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO. check
Productivity: When clients call the office to request appointments, they are advised at that time to bring the necessary documents in order to complete the claim. In doing so 80% of all paperwork pertaining to the claim will now be completed in one visit to the office. check
Productivity: Keep monthly records of clients served, claims filed and mail received.check
Training: Staff members will participate in two training conferences per year and mandatory state training meetings for cumulative value of 20 CEU’s per year.check
Community Service: Our office will sponsor a Veterans Day Parade on November 11th in downtown Graham each year in honor of our Veterans.check
Community Service: Coordinate with local agencies to host Veterans events. Veterans Coffee Hours is held the 3rd Saturday of each month at Golden Correl. Burlington Royals sponsors a Veterans nights in August, this is held each year at the Burlington Royals Stadium.