LandfillThe Landfill Department provides waste disposal services for the county’s industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

It receives yard waste, scrap tires, white goods, and recyclables and provides for proper disposal as well as enforces the county’s solid waste and recycling ordinances. It also manages contracts related to waste and recycling franchises.

Workload Measures 2018/2019
Report waste tonnage: 59,011
Report recycling tonnage: 3,622
Report number of vehicles (commercial and residential) that cross Landfill scales: 21,166
Report expected life of permitted areas of the landfill: NA
Report the rate of compaction: NA

Updated 1/14/19

To eliminate breakages and downtime, 95% of equipment used daily will receive preventative maintenance checks 97%
To increase access to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program, Landfill staff will review and support with data the justification of introducing an on-site program at the Landfill, including necessary permits, hardware, and manpower. (This program would eliminate the twice per year off-site HHW program that has taken place for several years) 50%
To plan for the future, Landfill will work towards the development of a Strategic 10 year Capital Planning Program detailing capital need specifications and cost estimates for both the Closed Swepsonville Landfill and the Austin Quarter Landfill75%
To plan for the future, Landfill will work to develop a Site Suitability Study for the unpermitted 49.4 acres at the Austin Quarter Landfill as a prerequisite to possible permitting request in the future25%
With regards to efficiencies in the recycling process, the Landfill will initiate a review of single stream handling of target recyclables, excluding glass, electronics and metal due to dramatic changes in revenue associated with the recycle market, particular to plastics100%