The Landfill Department provides waste disposal services for the county’s industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

The Landfill receives yard waste, scrap tires, white goods, and recyclables and provides for proper disposal as well as enforces the county’s solid waste and recycling ordinances. It also manages contracts related to waste and recycling franchises.

Workload Measures 2021-22

1. Report waste tonnage
2. Report recycling tonnage
3. Report number of vehicles (commercial and residential) that cross Landfill scales
4. Report expected life of permitted areas of the landfill
5. Report the rate of compaction

Updated 8/17/21

1) Continue goal of 95% of equipment to receive preventive maintenance.In Progress
2) Initiate/Complete design, permitting and construction of new 16/30-acre cell. In Progress
3) Initiate/Complete the formal closure of the C&D landfill.In Progress