The Landfill Department provides waste disposal services for the county’s industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

The Landfill receives yard waste, scrap tires, white goods, and recyclables and provides for proper disposal as well as enforces the county’s solid waste and recycling ordinances. It also manages contracts related to waste and recycling franchises.

Workload Measures 2019-20
Report waste tonnage: 57,810
Report recycling tonnage: 2,566
Report number of vehicles (commercial and residential) that cross Landfill scales: 21,801
Report expected life of permitted areas of the landfill:
Report the rate of compaction:

Updated 2/17/20

1) To reduce down time of equipment, 95% of equipment used daily will receive daily preventive maintenance check97% avg
2) To increase Household Hazardous Waste Collection from two per year to two per month, Landfill will produce a report that evaluates site locations, costs, and funding options50%
3) To further prepare the Landfill for future financial needs, Municipal Engineering will review and update the financial formula for Landfill closure to ensure Alamance Landfill is adequately preparing for these costs75%
4) To prepare for future needs, Landfill will implement Year One (2019-20) of the Strategic Capital Plan by purchasing:
a. Road Tractor: Hauling recyclables to market, moving containers around on site
b. New Resurfacing: Repair and replace asphalt around landfill & convenience center
c. Maintenance Service Truck: For use by the new Heavy Equipment Mechanic to be hired
d. New Convenience Center Ticket Booth: To replace the older one and provide location for the pilot program at the convenience center to utilize WasteWorks software
e. Two Open Top Dumpsters: To replace worn dumpsters
In Progress
5) To address turnover, Landfill management will develop a Career Ladder for Heavy Equipment Operators and Convenience Center employees for adoption in 2020 / 2021 budgetIn Progress
6) To better identify product diversification and cost analysis, Landfill will initiate a Pilot Program at the Convenience Center to utilize Waste Works Software30%