The Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement services and protection, secures courts and serves criminal and civil process papers, operates jail facility and provides custody, security, care, feeding and medical welfare of inmates, and provides animal control services.

Workload Measures 2019-20
Number of training hours and the associated cost per hour:
Number of monthly calls for service:
Monthly jail revenue:
Average daily population (“ADP”) of the detention center:
Number of civil papers resolved:
Number of School Resource Officer calls for service: 
Number of School Resource Officer official contacts with students:
Number of School Resource Officer official contacts with parents:
Number of Animal Control forfeitures/seizures:
Number of Animal Control transports to the shelter: 

Updated 6/27/19

Department Goals
1) Track outcomes for positive screenings of inmates with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues In Progress
2) Meet or exceed the National clearance rate in six or more reporting areas of the Uniform Crime Report as reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation In Progress
3) Meet or exceed the State clearance rate in six or more of the eight reporting areas of the Uniform Crime Report as reported by the State Bureau of Investigation In Progress
Long term Goal: To continue our partnership with the citizens of our community by creating a stronger, transparent, and trusting relationship by addressing quality of life concerns and providing interactive crime prevention programs
4) Develop and implement “Saturation Patrol and Community Based Policing” program. This program will be directed from citizens’ complaints and other data gathered on particular areas in the county. Results will be measured through our CAD system.In Progress
5) Enhance efforts in community relations by increasing the number of community outreach contacts and/or volunteer opportunities from the previous year.In Progress
Long term Goal: Sheriff's Office will actively work to address employee recruitment and retainment
6) Develop strategies to recruit/retain employees, enhance employee satisfaction and staff development. Create clear career path opportunities for advancement and promotion. In Progress
7) Provide training opportunities, mentorship for deputies and detention officers desiring to further their careers and personal growth.In Progress
Long term Goal: Sheriff's Office will work to increase safety efforts for the community
8) Identify issues and develop programs designed to educate our officers as well as the public on workplace violence prevention and business and residential security surveys.In Progress
Long term Goal: To ensure and enhance a safe learning environment for our schools
1) Introduce SRO’s in elementary schools
2) To facilitate and educate the training to all staff and students for active shooter response.
3) To educate and raise awareness of gang and drug activity through continued outreach programs
4) To continue to educate students and staff on their personal safety
In Progress
District Attorney: Jail Cases Overview 2018-19
Updated 12/12/18 (Data is for October 2018)

District Court
The below table calculates the cost savings by calculating the number of days from the date of the plea to the date the case was originally scheduled. The days are then multiplied by $40.00 (cost per day to house an inmate).

Superior Court
For Superior Court, the estimated median age of cases prosecuted through disposition as felonies in Alamance is 120 days. This is subtracted from the date of the First Appearance. The difference is the cost reduction for that case.

Due to the increased burden on the County Detention Center, a Jail Prosecutor position was established to help speed up the process of defendants who are incarcerated pre-trial.

District Court1418279$11,160.00
Superior Court22193$7,720.00
District and Superior Combined1664472$18,880.00