The  Cooperative Extension provides educational programming to residents about horticulture, livestock, farm crops, poultry, and pesticides. They also administer the local 4-H youth program and offer Serv Safe classes.

This department is in joint partnership with NC State University, USDA, and Alamance County.

Workload Measures 2017/2018
Number of residents served directly through one-on-one visits and programs: 
Number of residents served through telephone calls, emails and newsletters:
Updated 7/6/17

Alamance County Master Gardener Volunteers will provide 2,600 hours of consultation
and volunteer services to Cooperative Extension and Alamance County citizens
In Progress
$57,000 will be saved for Alamance County through Master Gardener volunteer efforts in lieu of staffIn Progress
225 licensed pesticide applicators will receive recertification trainingIn Progress
800 youth will participate in the 4-H Embryology programIn Progress
85%of embryology program student participants will demonstrate they have gained knowledge from the activityIn Progress
4-H Club and Special Interest program participants will increase from 300 youth reached in 2016/17 to 325 in 2017/18In Progress
Alamance County livestock owners will have a net income gain of at least $50,000 in total
by adopting extension-recommended best management practices related to husbandry, improved planning, marketing, and financial practices through offered Extension training programs
In Progress