Graham LibraryAlamance County Public Libraries promote literacy skills and educational opportunities for all ages through a variety of programs, and provides access to print, electronic, AV materials, information, Internet, and genealogical and historical materials.

Workload Measures 2016/2017
Circulation for all electronic materials: 11,509
Circulation for all library facilities (hard copy materials): 547,831
Number of attendees at library-sponsored programs: 25,389
Number of library visitors: 360,708
Number of patrons using the Internet through public access terminals: 72,180
Updated 4/4/17

Provide 2 Outreach programs a month to the under served population of our countyIn Progress
Increase the number of card holders by 10% by the end of the fiscal year.In Progress
Increase the circulation of our electronic resources by 2%.In Progress
Implement RFID Technology and go live by the end of fiscal year 2016-2017In Progress
Increase overall circulation of materials by 2%.In Progress