Alamance County Public Libraries promote literacy skills and educational opportunities for all ages through a variety of programs, and provides access to print, electronic, AV materials, information, Internet, and genealogical and historical materials.

Workload Measures 2019-20
Number of visitors to all branches: 143,129
Number of classes and programs offered: 529
Number of participants at classes: 8,812
Number of community partnerships and collaborations: 70
Job/Career reference interactions: 4,685
Circulation of materials: 171,108
Circulation of electronic material: 12,909
Internet accessed via in-house public computers: 128,439
Internet accessed via Mobile Café: 15,220
Number of facilitated discussions and agencies that utilized service: 1
Number of people served through technology training: 54
Track the number of people who attend agricultural educational programs: 19

Updated 10/14/19

1. To increase marketing effectiveness and simplify marketing processes and procedures, ACPL will evaluate marketing practices and create a comprehensive plan In Progress
2. To evaluate electronic book platforms for future decision-making, ACPL will collect and compare circulation statistics on usage for Axis 360 and OverDrive and select one electronic book platform54%
3. To evaluate electronic resources for future decision-making, ACPL will complete a cost versus usage comparison for those funded by the library that are available to patrons and staff54%
4. To further understand library usage, ACPL will create a report using the library’s strategic plan and usage data in order to communicate a work plan that addresses ways to improve servicesIn Progress
5. To improve and enhance customer service and library services knowledge and skills, 90% of employees will participate in training and learning opportunities for a cumulative total value of 175 hours54%
6. To support the Alamance County action pillars of preserving agriculture and world class education, ACPL will provide a minimum of four agricultural themed programs 50%
7. To further meet the needs of patrons, ACPL will assess the different communities in order to understand their unique library branch hour needsIn Progress
8. To promote communication and employee voice, ACPL will host quarterly meetings as a collective library group with representation from all library employee types, branches and management50%