Alamance County Public Libraries promote literacy skills and educational opportunities for all ages through a variety of programs, and provides access to print, electronic, AV materials, information, Internet, and genealogical and historical materials.

Workload Measures 2018/2019
Number of visitors to all branches: 355,578
Number of classes and programs offered and attendance: 1,449 / 22,610
Number of community partnerships and collaborations: 159
Job/Career reference interactions: 1,752
Circulation of materials: 504,721
Circulation of electronic material: 38,300
Internet accessed via in-house public computers: 79,313
Internet accessed via Mobile Café: 459
Number of facilitated discussions and agencies that utilized service: 5
Number of people served through technology training: 163
Track the number of people who attend agricultural educational programs: 99

Updated 4/10/19

During 2017/2018, ACPL worked with a consultant to identify more efficient circulation processes in each of the branches. In 2018/2019 we will review those recommendations and implement changes including exploration in creating an information desk staffed with volunteers for patrons who have basic questions. Goal Completed
Collect and compare circulation statistics on usage of electronic book platforms Axis 360 and OverDrive. In Progress
After evaluating and reviewing hours of operation and staffing patterns during 2017/2018, ACPL will implement a staff schedule that makes more efficient use of staff, taking into consideration hours with greatest levels of patron needs.In Progress
During 2017/2018 ACPL planned a volunteer program that will take advantage of skill sets available in the community that can be called on to supplement programs offered by the library in the area of technology. Through use of vetted and well-trained volunteers, one-on-one appointments will be made available for the public to request help in learning software and technology skills.100%
Youth Services staff will work with a consultant to develop stronger skills in use of Every Child Ready to Read and Outcome Based Evaluation and Planning principles that will be used to develop and enhance literacy skills of children between the ages of 0 to 6 to ensure school readiness and success.75%
Offer to the public, as an additional public service, the newly available (2017-18) trained public facilitators for outside organizations that use the library for their community discussions or meetings for 2018/2019. 100%
In 2018/2019 we will develop the leadership skills of 2 paraprofessionals and initiate the process of having them complete the American Library Association's Library Support Services Certification.100%
Host quarterly meetings with collective library group, with representation from all library employee types, branches, and management.75%
To monitor effectiveness of holiday hours, Library Administration will provide County Management regular reports that include door count, circulation statistics, reference questions answered, and/or program attendance. 100%