HealthThe Health Department offers general clinical services including family planning, prenatal care, child health, communicable disease, behavioral health and immunizations, and health education and outreach. It also provides food inspections and on site well and wastewater, nutrition education and counseling, and children’s dental services.

Workload Measures 2018/2019
Number of Health Clinic patients: 2,887
Number of WIC patients: 3,512
Number of Dental Clinic patients: 1,784
Number of of community training conducted through Childcare Health Consultant program: 18
Annual infant mortality rate:
Annual preterm birth rate ( births prior to 37 wks gestation)

Updated 10/15/2018

Job offers will be made for vacant positions within an average of 20 business days from the closing date of the job posting13.71 avg days
To increase accessibility to WIC,100% of active WIC clients will transition to e-WIC by December 201895%
To ensure customer's needs are met, Environmental Health will average less than 3.5 weeks from permit application to permit issuance for on-site wells .83 avg weeks
To reach more teens, the Health Department will establish a Teen Friendly Approach to clinics which is based on Evidence based approaches and current medical/health guidance regarding teenscradle-to-career initiative to improve education outcomes for Alamance County
In Progress
To address the Opioid Epidemic, the Health Department will establish a Coordinated Community response including organizational structure for supportcommunity wide as an evidenced based strategy to improve birth outcomes in
Alamance County
In Progress