The Health Department offers general clinical services including family planning, prenatal care, child health, communicable disease, behavioral health and immunizations, and health education and outreach. It also provides food inspections and on site well and wastewater, nutrition education and counseling, and children’s dental services.

2022-2023 Workload Measures
1. Number of Health Clinic patients
2. Number of WIC patients
3. Number of Dental Clinic patients
4. Number of community training conducted through Childcare Health Consultant program
5. Annual infant mortality rate
6. Annual preterm birth rate (births prior to 37 weeks gestation)

Updated 7/20/2022

2022-2023 Performance Management Goals
1) Dental: Every patient who has an exam visit will be able to schedule a restorative appointment in less
than two months after the exam.
In Progress
2) Environmental Health: Staff will perform mid-season pool inspections on at least 70% of permitted
In Progress
3) Environmental Health: All requested water samples will be taken, on average, within 3 weeks of being
In Progress
4) Personnel: Job offers will be made for vacant positions within an average of 20 business days from the
closing date of the job posting.
In Progress
5) WIC: WIC will attempt to contact 95% of referrals made online through and referrals
made through NCCARE 360.
In Progress
6) Finance: Finance will audit 85 patient charts each month to verify correct financial eligibility and/or
insurance documentation.
In Progress