The Soil and Water Conservation District provides leadership to residents in conservation and assists with planning, designing, and installing conservation measures.

It provides animal waste management assistance, and sponsors and develops educational programs.

Workload Measures 2017/2018
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Updated 7/5/17

Permanently Preserve Agriculture Land

1. Collaborate with the VAD Board & Piedmont Land Conservancy to identify at least one application that
could be sent to the North Carolina Agriculture Development and Farmland Trust Fund Program

In Progress
Identify High Priority Areas in the County for the Purchase of Development Rights

1. Work with the Planning Department and VAD Board to identify high priority areas for farmland

In Progress
Promoting Agriculture in the Classroom in Alamance County Schools

1. Work with Alamance Food Collaborative in helping develop agriculture resources for teachers

2. Assist 3 schools with school gardens teaching about soil health and soil and water conservation

In Progress

In Progress
Increase Public Visibility and Availability

1. Update department website and make one promotional video

2. Participate in Agriculture In the Park

3. Participate in the county's Government 101 class

4. Participate in ABSS Teacher Expo

5. Design informational materials about services offered

In Progress

In Progress

In Progress

In Progress
Increase Public Awareness of Farmland Preservation in Alamance County

1. Host an informational meeting on purchase of development rights

In Progress