The Soil and Water Conservation District provides leadership to residents in conservation and assists with planning, designing, and installing conservation measures.

It provides animal waste management assistance, and sponsors and develops educational programs.

Workload Measures 2018/2019
Number of customers assisted: 2,637
Number of people who attend agricultural educational programs: 877
Track the number of acres the no till drill is used for: 149
Track the number of applicants that request funding from the Farmland Preservation Program: 5
Updated 2/1/2019

To increase farmland preservation, Soil and Water will collaborate with the VAD board and Piedmont Land Conservancy to identify at least one application that can be sent to the North Carolina Development and Trust Fund ProgramIn Progress
To encourage residents to explore our agricultural countryside, Soil and Water will begin a pollinator trail pilot program In Progress
To increase agricultural education to non-farmers, Soil and Water will work with the Public Information Officer to create (4) Ag. Minute videos that explore agricultural topics
In Progress
To support residents with their agricultural questions, Soil and Water will host a Wildlife Food Plot workshop to assist landowners with resources that our office can provide such as soil testing and drill rental
In Progress
To offer farming agricultural programs to residents, Soil and Water will partner with NC Cooperative Extension to host (1) pasture improvement workshop
In Progress
To connect farmers with agricultural services, Soil and Water will work with the Public Information Officer to promote the availability of the No Till Drill rental unit to the agriculture community
In Progress
To increase understanding of the impact of agriculture, Soil and Water will work with Elon University interns to continue the local farm inventory mapIn Progress
To educate the public on the importance of agriculture in Alamance, Soil and Water will work with the Public Information Officer to produce a video on the importance of agriculture within the countyIn Progress
To increase agricultural awareness to non-farmers as well as provide information to agricultural teaching resources, Soil and Water will host the ABSS Teacher Leadership Academy Ag. Day
In Progress