Soil and Water Program2The Soil and Water Conservation District provides leadership to residents in conservation and assists with planning, designing, and installing conservation measures.

It provides animal waste management assistance, and sponsors and develops educational programs.

Workload Measures 2016/2017
Number of customers assisted: 6,209
Updated 5/22/17

Assist landowners in a timely fashion with all cost share programs which consist of; NC Cost Share, CCAP, AgWrap.
Present applications for assistance to the District Board within 30 business days of being received.
In Progress
Promote Soil and Water Conservation measures.
Visit 30 schools, civic group per year, etc.
Promote Soil Health techniques to landowners.
Host soil health workshops (2) for farmers.(fall2016/spring 2017)
In Progress
Have 5 acres of on farm field demonstrations of cover crops. check
Have small plots at Ag. Building demonstrating keeping the soil covered and cover crop mixescheck