Alamance Parks provides parks and programs to residents in four major focus areas: natural parks and trails, rural community centers, youth athletics, and Special Olympics. Our mission is to provide parks, trails, and programs that inspire visitors and welcome all participants.

2022-2023 Workload Measures
1. Report the number of youth athletic participants
2. Report the number of youth teams per sport
3. Report the number of Special Populations program participants and volunteers
4. Report change in new parkland/trails acquired
5. Report the number of park visitations monthly
6. Report the number of shelter reservations monthly
7. Report the number of disc golf participants monthly
8. Track and report usage of the walking track and playground at Eli Whitney Recreation Center
9. Report the number of community center visitors monthly
10. Report user fee amounts received
11. Report grant amounts received
12. Report donations and sponsorship amounts received
13. Track the number of people who attend agricultural educational programs
14. Total developed park acreage
15. Expenditures of Parks, recreation personnel and operations maintenance
16. Total expenditures of Parks, recreation personnel and operations
17. Miles of bike, walking, and hiking trails

Updated 8/17/2021

2022-2023 Performance Management Goals
1) 90% of ACRPD full-time staff will participate in training and learning opportunities for a minimum
cumulative total value of 70 hours.
In Progress
2) 90% of ACRPD full-time staff will participate in at least two off-site visitation/learning activities.In Progress
3) Improve community awareness of our parks and programs by expanding advertising to radio stations
utilizing grant funds from Alamance County Visitors Bureau. Track and report effectiveness of digital
advertisement on visitation and digital engagement.
In Progress
4) Expand the Friends of Alamance Parks by launching a Park Beautification Task Force to focus on
cleaning and improving the appearance of our parks and natural areas.
In Progress
5) Begin an Annual Appreciation Event for Friends of Alamance Parks Task Forces.In Progress
6) Cedarock Park Renovations- Year 1, Goal 1: Complete relocation and expansion of camping area.In Progress
7) Cedarock Park Renovations- Year 1, Goal 2: Complete relocation of Spoon Branch Trail and Rock
Creek Trail away from erosion and flood prone areas.
In Progress
8) Cedarock Park Renovations- Year 1, Goal 3: Begin construction of Championship disc golf course at
Cedarock Park.
In Progress

9) Cane Creek Mountains- Year 5, Goal 1: Open phase II including completion of trailhead and at least one
additional trail.
In Progress
10) Cane Creek Mountains- Year 5, Goal 2: Identify and apply for funding for Phase III of development
plan on Sizemore Tract.
In Progress
11) Implement Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation programs including at least 2 programs that focus on
inclusive sports.
In Progress
12) Athletics Reorganization- Year 5, Goal 1: Complete transition to balanced, league created teams across
all age groups.
In Progress
13) Athletics Reorganization- Year 5 Goal 2: Implement a youth and coach training program that assists
coaches with appropriate training techniques and discourages behaviors that negatively affect
In Progress
14) Haw River Trail- Goal 1: Complete acquisition of property from willing landowners from
Alamance/Guilford County Line to Shallow Ford Natural Area.
In Progress
15) Haw River Trail- Goal 2: Cooperate with PTRC and other partners to launch the Haw River Trail Towns
Initiative, with a goal of creating opportunities for small businesses in riverside communities and
improving the trail experience for users.
In Progress
16) Haw River Trail- Goal 3: Begin construction of improved trailhead/access at Copland/Sellers Falls area.In Progress
17) Textile Museum- Year 5, Goal 1: Track and report attendance at the Glencoe Textile Heritage Museum
with a goal of increasing attendance by at least 10% year over year.
In Progress
18) Textile Museum- Year 5, Goal 2: Continue restoration of the Supervisor’s House in Glencoe and
complete an initial plan for interpretation of the building.
In Progress
19) Combine State Grant in 2022 NC State budget with existing capital funds to replace floor at Eli Whitney
Community Center.
In Progress
20) Create plans for expanded walking track at Eli Whitney Community Center and identify potential
funding sources.
In Progress