Alamance Parks provides parks and programs to residents in four major focus areas: natural parks and trails, rural community centers, youth athletics, and Special Olympics. Our mission is to provide parks, trails, and programs that inspire visitors and welcome all participants.

Workload Measures 2018/2019
Report the number of youth athletic participants:
Report the number of youth teams per sport:
Report the number of Special Populations program participants and volunteers monthly:
Report the change in new parkland/trails acquired:
Report the number of park visitations: 137,290
Report the number of shelter reservations: 58
Report the number of disc golf participants: 7,036
Track and report usage of the walking track and playground at Eli Whitney Recreation Center:
Report the number of community center visitors monthly: 26,031
Report user fee amounts received:
Report grant amounts received: $11,053.50
Report donation and sponsorship amounts received:
Track the number of people who attend agricultural educational programs:
Developed park acreage:
Expenditures, Parks and recreation personnel and operations (Park maintenance only):
Expenditures: Park and recreation personnel and operations:
Total Miles of bike, walking, and hiking trails:

Updated 10/10/2018

90% of ACRPD full-time staff will participate in training and learning opportunities for a minimum cumulative total value of 70 hours.In Progress
90% of ACRPD full-time staff will participate in at least two off-site visitation/learning activities.In Progress
Complete and measure progress of 3 year goal to increase overall digital engagement across all Departmental platforms by 15% by the end of FY18-19.In Progress
Digital Engagement Goal- Year 3 Objective: Develop and distribute new quarterly program guides in print and via digital channels.100%
Park Division Goals
Long Term Goal: Improve user experience for current users of the equestrian trails at Cedarock Park and improve accessibility to the equestrian trails by developing a new equestrian center offering trail rides for the public without horses, a dedicated entrance and overnight camping facilities.
CRP Equestrian Goal Year 3 Goal 1: Complete planning for Phase 3 of Equestrian Complex at Cedarock Park including finalization of engineered plans and cost estimates for barn.In Progress

Long Term Goal: Preserve and renovate buildings listed on National Historic Register at Cedarock Park to ensure long-term structural integrity and allow for educational programming.
Historic Preservation Year One Goal 1: Complete engineering assessment and historical research of Garrett House, Curtis House, Post Office and Spoon HouseIn Progress
Long Term Goal: Conserve the County's largest State Natural Heritage Area in the Cane Creek Mountains and develop the property into a nature park to attract visitors from Alamance County and the Piedmont region.
Cane Creek Mountains Year One Goal 1: Acquire 150 acre parcel owned by the Henderson/Dixon/ Steele families for park use.In Progress
Cane Creek Mountains Year One Goal 2: Complete park-wide development plan for Cane Creek Mountains Natural Area and seek funding to begin development.
In Progress
Cane Creek Mountains Year One Goal 3: Apply for funding to acquire Sizemore Tract for park use and acquire property if funded.
Special Population Goals
90% of Alamance County Special Olympic Spring Games participants rate their experience as Excellent/Good.
In Progress
Athletic Goals
Long Term Goal: Modify the existing youth athletics program in response to decreasing participation numbers. Create a league that ensures children are able to play close to home, for balanced teams that create long-term, positive relationships between players, coaches, and families.In Progress
Athletics Reorganization Year 1 Goal 1: Work with willing municipalities and athletic clubs to create an integrated pilot league for 6U participants. In Progress
Athletics Reorganization Year 1 Goal 2: Track and report percentage of baseball/ softball participants in new league rating their overall experience as Excellent/GoodIn Progress
Athletics Reorganization Year 1 Goal 3: Track and report the percentage of youth basketball team participants in new league rating their overall experience as Excellent/GoodIn Progress
In order to improve the game day experience for participants, implement training program for part-time athletic field supervisors providing tools for dealing with conflict and negativity among participants and spectators.
HRT Goal 2017-18 Objective: Design and construct additional trail routes at Swepsonville River Park

In Progress
Haw River Goals
Overall Goal: Further the Department's mission of completing the Haw River Trail/Mountains to Sea Trail to improve public access to the Haw River, improve and protect water quality and provide a sustainable economic engine for riverside communities.
FY18-19 Goal 1- Initiate contact with landowners from Alamance/Guilford County Line to Shallow Ford Natural Area to explore opportunities for land and easement acquisition.In Progress
FY18-19 Goal 2: Promote and manage newly opened Saxapahaw Island Park, with a goal of 10,000 visitors in FY 18-19.100% (27,525 visitors)
Rural Community Center Goals
In order to improve community health and engagement and maximize use of limited staff resources, partner with outside agencies to offer at least three new health-focused programs through our Rural Community Centers.33.3%
Glencoe Textile Heritage Museum Goals
Long-Term Goal: Ensure sure the protection and interpretation of Alamance County's textile history by enhancing the Glencoe Textile Heritage Museum In Progress
rack and Report attendance at the Glencoe Textile Heritage Museum with a goal of increasing attendance by at least 25% over FY2017-18 baseline by end of FY2019-20.
In Progress

Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Overall Goal: Increase overall digital engagement across all Departmental platforms by 15% by the end of FY18-19.
Year Two Goal 1: Track and report website visits and social media views with a goal of 15% increase over baseline

In Progress
Year Two Goal 2: Complete implementation of a new website design and online calendar. 100%
In order to improve communication and accountability between the CVB and local governments, present an annual report to the elected representatives of each local government represented by the Alamance County Convention and Visitors Bureau.
In Progress