Fire Marshal DeptThe Alamance County Fire Marshal’s Office strives to maintain a countywide presence through Fire Code Enforcement, Fire Prevention, Public Education, and Community Service while responding in a timely manner to reported structure fires requiring investigation.

Workload measures 2017/2018
Number of fire inspections conducted by FMO staff: 426
Number of fire code violations found: 131
Number of residential fire investigations conducted by FMO staff: 6
Number of commercial fire investigations conducted by FMO staff: 0
Percentage of fire investigated for which a cause is determined: NA for November 
Number of after hours response for incidents other than structure fires: 17
Updated: 12/13/17

Map locations of all work structure fires that occur in Alamance County40% completed
In Progress
Respond to permit requests within 48 hours 95% of the timecheck
Complete preliminary fire investigation reports within 72 hours 90%of the timecheck
Maintain enhanced system that was created in FY 2016/2017 for fire investigation records retentioncheck
Complete 100%of the General Inspection Inventory95% completed
In Progress
Update Fire Marshal's website to include links to all fire departments in Alamance County50% completed
In Progress
Complete changeover from paper inspection reports to Surface Pro computers to be able to capture signatures in the field and email inspection reports to the
75% completed
In Progress
Track and report the average days to review and approve and/or reject plans that have been submitted3.6 days average In Progress