The Alamance County Fire Marshal’s Office strives to maintain a countywide presence through Fire Code Enforcement, Fire Prevention, Public Education, and Community Service while responding in a timely manner to reported structure fires requiring investigation.

Workload measures 2019-20
Number of fire inspections conducted by FMO staff: 1,163
Number of fire code violations found: 527
Number of residential fire investigations conducted by FMO staff: 24
Number of commercial fire investigations conducted by FMO staff: 2
Percentage of fire investigated for which a cause is determined: 68%
Number of after hours response for incidents other than structure fires: 37
Number of times air truck is needed: 90
Number of structure fires between 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday: 11
Updated: 7/15/2020

1) To decrease wait time for customers, the FMO will respond to permit requests within 48 hours 95% of time100%
2) To address fire investigations in a timely manner, the FMO will complete preliminary fire investigation reports within 72 hours 90% of time100%
3) To continue to offer quality services, all Fire Inspectors will attend at least 8 hours of Fire Prevention continuing education annually25% (unable to complete due to COVID)
4) To ensure timely response, the FMO will review and approve and/or reject submitted plans within an average of 5 days 100%
5) To increase resident fire education, the FMO and administrative assistant will provide the Citizens of Alamance County Fire Safety techniques/training at a total minimum of 4 public events100%
6) To better analyze patterns and trends, the FMO will map locations of all working structure fires in Alamance County100%
7) To ensure safety, the FMO will complete 100% of general inspections 100%