Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds provides, manages, and maintains real estate and vital records as required by law, records and indexes instruments of title, issues marriage licenses, and administers notary services.

2022-2023 Workload Measures
1. Number of births recorded
2. Number of deaths recorded
3. Number of marriages recorded
4. Number of certified records sold
5. Number of real estate documents recorded
6. Revenue generated by the Register of Deeds Office
7. Number of received calls
8. Number of passports
9. Number of passport pictures

Updated 7/20/2022

2022-2023 Performance Management Goals
1) ROD will enable eligible employees with over five years of employment to complete continuing
education for Certified Deputies and Passport Agents.
In Progress
2) To more efficiently serve citizens, ROD will continue to cross train deputies throughout the office.In Progress
3) Real Estate Re-Index Project- COTT will take the Historic documents from 1958-1972 to COTT’s
Resolution3 application for easier searching capabilities. COTT will key or re-type the index data.
Once the index data has been keyed, 100% of the index data will be verified by their personnel for accuracy.
In Progress
4) Real Estate will update all of the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s) agreements to
include and/or verify all addresses, phone numbers, and customer numbers for e-Recording.
In Progress
5) Indexing will replace historic tabs that are worn and illegible from years of use.In Progress
6) Indexing will reorganize plat drawers 11-55 for ease of use for customers and surveyors.In Progress
7) Real Estate will e-Record Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) liens.In Progress
8) Vital Records project has Kofile preserving death books from 1913-1926 and marriage books from
1868-1876. Kofile will deacidify, encapsulate and bind new books for future generations.
In Progress
9) ROD's Vital Records will implement and complete training on the NCDAVE program and NC Vital
Record’s statewide paperless system for death and birth records.
In Progress
10) ROD will train an employee as a back-up Passport Agent.In Progress