Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds provides, manages, and maintains real estate and vital records as required by law, records and indexes instruments of title, issues marriage licenses, and administers notary services.

Workload Measures 2021-2022
1. Number of births recorded
2. Number of deaths recorded
3. Number of marriages recorded
4. Number of certified records sold
5. Number of real estate documents recorded
6. Revenue generated by the Register of Deeds Office
7. Number of received calls
8. Number of passports
9. Number of passport pictures

Updated 8/17/2021

1) ROD will implement training on the new COTT software. In Progress
2) To more efficiently serve citizens, ROD will implement training of new VoIP phone system. In Progress
3) ROD certified deputies (employees that are eligible with over 5 years of employment) will continue to attend continuing education courses, workshops, or legislative conferences offered through the North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds (NCARD) and/or the Institute of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill to keep up with changes in the NC General Statues or other issues directly related to our office. In Progress
4) ROD Vital Records will gather quotes for preservation of Death Records from 1913-1950. In Progress
5) To allow citizens the ability to purchase a certified death certificate from any county in NC, regardless of the county where the death occurred, ROD's Vital Records will implement and complete training on the NCDAVE program. In Progress