ROD StaffThe Register of Deeds provides, manages, and maintains real estate and vital records as required by law, records and indexes instruments of title, issues marriage licenses, and administers notary services.

Workload Measures 2018/2019
Number of births recorded: 867
Number of deaths recorded: 989
Number of marriages recorded: 645
Number of certified records sold: 9,857
Number and type of real estate documents recorded: 12,232
Revenue generated by the Register of Deeds Office: $1,622,506.25
Number of received calls: 5,413
Number of passports: 502
Updated 2/12/2019

To ensure proper record keeping, the Register of Deeds Department will complete updates to the Vitals manualcurrently updating
To create efficiency and consistency, the Register of Deeds Department will develop a standardized training manual for the Vault Records department within the Register of Deeds OfficeIn Progress
To continue to provide quality services, Register of Deeds deputies will attend continuing education courses offered through NCARD and the Institute of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill in order to keep their certifications through the North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds (NCARD). In Progress
To meet the high demand of residents' passport needs, the Register of Deeds Office will begin the process of offering this service In Progress
To improve access to services, the Register of Deeds Office will offer fax and copy services for the residents of Alamance CountyIn Progress