The Department of Social Services is responsible for 27 mandated state and federal direct services that address issues of poverty, family violence, abuse, and exploitation.

It functions as a safety net around basic human needs, protection of vulnerable adults and children, and is a strong community partner in improving the well-being of our citizens.

Workload Measures 2019/2020
Number of children in foster care: 78 avg. per month
Number of Adult Protective Services reports: 596
Number of Family Justice Center clients served: 1,486
Number of customers at Reception: 25,746
Amount collected in Child Support payments: $9,026,856.17
Number of households receiving food stamps: 10,291
Number of Food and Nutrition Services applications received: 6,327
Number of IT work orders placed: 3,439
Updated 6/10/20

Broad Goal #1: Efficiently manage and maximize child care subsidy funds to support working families in Alamance County.
1) DSS will process 95% of Child Care Subsidy applications within 30 calendar days of the application date.97.20%
Broad Goal #2: Maximize resources to keep at risk children, families and adults safe and secure in their environment.
2) Adult Services—DSS will contact 95% of adult wards at least once within a 90-day period. 100%s
3) Child Welfare—DSS will initiate 90% of all screened-in reports within requested time frames.92.53%
4) Child Welfare—Alamance County will track its annual adoption baseline. 21
5) Child Welfare—95% of all foster children will have a contact in their placement each month. (Baseline)100%
6) Legal—Legal will strive to have 90% incompetency hearings within 45 days of filing petitions. (Adult Services). (Excluding cases where multidisciplinary evaluations are requested.) 100%
7) Legal—Legal will strive to assure 90% of adjudication are tried within 60 days of filing of the petition/s. Legal will maintain a listing of reasons for delays to determine if there are delays within the control of the legal unit. (Baseline) 48%s
Broad Goal #3: Maximize resources to promote economically disadvantaged children, families and adults to become self-sufficient.
8) Economic Services—DSS will pass the monthly Medicaid report card with 90% or higher application processing rate. 96%
9) Economic Services—DSS will process 95% of regular FNS applications within 25 days from the date of the application96.83%
10) Economic Services—DSS will process 95% of expedited FNS applications within 4 calendar days from the date of application.97.39%
11) Economic Services—DSS will ensure that 95% of FNS re-certifications are processed on time, each month. 98.91%
12) Work First— DSS will process 95% of Work First applications within 45 days of receipt.97.76%
13) Work First— DSS will process 95% of the Work First re-certifications no later than the last day of the current re-certification period. 97.53%
14) Energy—DSS will process 95% of Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) applications within 1 business days for applicants with no heat or cooling source. 98.90%
15) Energy—DSS will process 95% of Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) applications within 2 business days for applicants for applicants who have a heat or cooling source. 97.06%
16) Program Integrity—DSS will ensure that 90% of Program Integrity claims are established within 180 days of the date of discovery100%
17) Child Support—DSS will have 80% of paternities established for children born out of wedlock. 87.54%
18) Child Support—DSS will have 80% of child support cases under order establishing support obligations. 76.91%
Broad Goal #4: As a leader in both System of Care principals and Trauma Informed Agency practice; DSS will enhance community collaboration for early intervention and provision of services to at risk individuals.
19) Family Justice Center—DSS will track the number of 50-B that are filed at the Family Justice Center. (Baseline).410
20) Domestic Violence Prevention Program—Assessment and intake process for the Domestic Violence Prevention Program will be scheduled with the perpetrator within 15 days of initial contact. 5.80
21) Domestic Violence Prevention Program—Victims will be contacted within 5 business days after the DVPP’s initial contact with the perpetrator. 3.0
Broad Goal #5: DSS will maximize internal business supports to increase efficiency in fiscal management, human resources and customer service.
22) Fiscal—DSS will efficiently manage alternative allocated resources, at 95% or greater, in an effort to minimize county funding utilized. In Progress
23) Human Resources—DSS will begin an ongoing leadership training curriculum and complete 6 of the 12 modules by 6-30-20.In Progress
24) Information Technology—DSS will conduct a minimum of 6 refresher trainings to cover the major IT related software systems.Goal Met (12)