DSSThe Department of Social Services is responsible for 27 mandated state and federal direct services that address issues of poverty, family violence, abuse, and exploitation.

It functions as a safety net around basic human needs, protection of vulnerable adults and children, and is a strong community partner in improving the well-being of our citizens.

Workload Measures 2018/2019
Number of children in foster care:
Number of Adult Protective Services reports:
Number of Family Justice Center clients served:
Number of customers at Reception: 
Amount collected in Child Support payments: 
Number of households receiving food stamps: 
Number of Food and Nutrition Services applications received:
Number of IT work orders placed:

Updated 7/18/18

Work First
Work First Outreach will offer at least 5 opportunities a month to strengthen career readiness and employability for the work first population. 
In Progress
Child Support
Alamance County will achieve its annual percentage of paternities established for children born out of wedlock.
In Progress
Alamance County will achieve its annual percentage of child support cases that are under order.In Progress
Adult Services
Alamance County will contact 95% of adult wards at least once within a 90-day period.In Progress
Alamance County will initiate 95% of APS reports alleging abuse or danger of death immediately.In Progress
Alamance County will initiate 95% of APS reports alleging neglect or exploitation, or maltreatment other than abuse or danger of death within 72 hours.In Progress
Child Welfare
Alamance County will initiate 90% of all screened-in reports within required time frames. In Progress
Alamance County will ensure that permanency goals for 90% of foster youth will be established within 60 days of a child entering custody or for whom the county has placement authority.In Progress
Alamance County will achieve its annual adoption baseline. In Progress
Economic Services
Alamance County will pass the monthly Medicaid report card with a 90% or higher application processing rate.In Progress
Alamance County will process 95% of regular FNS applications within 25 days from the date of application.In Progress

Family Justice Center
Alamance County will track the number of victims over the age of 50 who access services at the Family Justice Center. (baseline)

In Progress

Domestic Violence Prevention Program
Assessment and intake process for the Domestic Violence Prevention Program will be scheduled with the perpetrator within 30 days of initial contact.In Progress
Victims will be contacted within 10 business days after DVPP's initial contact with the perpetrator.In Progress

Child Day Care
The county will track the % of Child Care Subsidy applications processed within 30 calendar days of the application date. (baseline)
In Progress

Legal will strive to have 90% incompetency hearings within 45 days of filing petitions. (Adult Services) (Excluding cases where multidisciplinary evaluations are requested.)In Progress
Legal will strive to assure 90% of motions or petitions to terminate parental rights are filed within 60 days of the court order being entered changing the primary permanent plan to adoption and requiring that a termination of parental rights be filed as to one or more parents.In Progress
DSS will efficiently manage alternative allocated resources, at 95% or greater, in an effort to minimize county funding utilized.
In Progress
In order to ensure benefits are not delayed, DSS Representative Payee Reports will be processed within 14 calendar days (Baseline).
In Progress
Human Resources
DSS will track the quarterly turnover rate for each service area. (Baseline)In Progress
Information Technology
A Learning Management System protocol will be developed by Dec 2018 for training, onboarding, and HR with full implementation by 6/30/19.
In Progress