DSSThe Department of Social Services is responsible for 27 mandated state and federal direct services that address issues of poverty, family violence, abuse, and exploitation.

It functions as a safety net around basic human needs, protection of vulnerable adults and children, and is a strong community partner in improving the well-being of our citizens.

Workload Measures 2017/2018
Number of children served through child care subsidy: 
Number of child abuse reports received:
Number of children in foster care: 82
Number of Adult Protective Services reports: 123

Number of Family Justice Center clients served: 268
Number of customers at Reception:
Amount collected in Child Support payments: $1,754,448.63 YTD
Number of households receiving food stamps: 10,572
Number of Food and Nutrition Services applications received: 585 in August 2017
Number of IT work orders placed:

Updated 9/22/17

DSS will ensure that the maximum number of children are served through child day care subsidy dollars by maintaining a combined spending co-efficient of between 96% and 100% of total funding to allow parents to maintain employmentIn Progress
DSS will recruit, train and license 20 or more new foster homes in FY2017-18In Progress
DSS will complete a total of 12 adoptions during FY2017-18In Progress
Excluding cases from which appeal has been filed, adoptions will be finalized within six months from the date of clearanceIn Progress
Legal will strive to have incompetency hearings within 30 days of filing petitions. (Adult Services) (Excluding cases where multidisciplinary evaluations are requested.)In Progress
Adult Home Specialists will track the number and category of citations to develop focused annual training opportunities for providers (baseline)In Progress
DSS will increase the Child Support enforcement customers whose collections meet state minimum standard of 65% by FY ending June 30, 2018. (Average over 12 months)In Progress
DSS will decrease the amount of overdue Family and Children’s Medicaid reviews to no more than a 15% average by the end of FY ending June 30, 2018In Progress
In order to increase community knowledge and understanding of reporting child abuse, neglect and dependency, DSS Child Welfare staff will complete 10 or more outreach presentations with a community partner during the FY2017-18In Progress
DSS will pass the Medicaid report card at least 8 out of 12 months in FY2017-18In Progress
DSS will complete trauma screenings for 97% or more of the children being served in the Child Welfare SystemIn Progress
The Family Justice Center (FJC) will maintain an average of 75 or more referrals per month between partner agencies housed at the FJCIn Progress
Assessment and intake process for the Domestic Violence Prevention Program will be scheduled with the perpetrator within 30 days of initial contactIn Progress
Victims will be contacted within 10 business days after DVPP’s initial contact with the perpetratorIn Progress
DSS will maximize internal business supports to increase efficiency in fiscal management, human resources and customer serviceIn Progress
DSS will efficiently manage alternative allocated resources, at 95% or greater, in an effort to minimize county funding utilizedIn Progress
DSS positions will be offered within 20 business days from the time the vacancy posting closes. For pool positions, we will offer within 20 days of the position(s) being vacated. (Baseline)In Progress
DSS will track the retention rate for each service area in order to identify trends to assists to target improvements. (Baseline)In Progress
No less than 80% of the leadership team will be certified as DSS Way trainers by June 30, 2018In Progress
DSS Reception staff will work to maintain that 70% or less tasks require additional staff interaction beyond reception, in an effort to improve front end interactions with customers in Economic ServicesIn Progress
The Program Integrity Department will meet with no less than 10 teams during FY2017-18 to educate staff, in order to increase awareness about reportable fraudulent activitiesIn Progress
DSS will respond to all Ask DSS emails within 24 business hoursIn Progress
DSS will have 85%of staff certified in NCFast by June 30, 2018 in order to promote knowledge and efficienciesIn Progress