FinanceThe Finance Department coordinates effective and prudent management of the County’s financial resources in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and NC State statutes, financial reporting, budget, accounts payable, payroll, investments, and purchasing.

Workload Measures 2016/2017
Number of Accounts Payable checks issued: 9,787
Voided Accounts Payable checks: 108
Number of Payroll checks issued: 8,475
Number of Budget Amendments: 116
Number of Journal Entries and Adjustments: 610
Receipts issued: 3,925
Number of Bank Statements reconciled: 89

Bank Reconciliations for all accounts are completed monthlyIn Progress
Sales tax report is submitted to NC Dept of Revenue by the 15th of the month.In Progress
95% of invoices received by Friday will be processed within 5 business days.In Progress
Form 1099's will be issued to vendors in compliance with IRS deadlines.check
All checks received needing to be voided and/or reissued will be processed by the 28th of the month.In Progress
Scan three years of Earning Records to preserve earning history electronically.In Progress
Form W-2s will be issued to employees in compliance with IRS deadlines.check
Monthly tax distribution reports (excluding motor vehicles) are balanced and checks are issued to municipalities and fire districts by the second Friday of the monthIn Progress
Register of Deeds Fee Report will be submitted to the NC State Treasurer by the 10th of the month.In Progress
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report will be submitted to GFOA for review in the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting programcheck
Ensure debt service payments are made on time and submitted to the Local Government Commission for verificationIn Progress
Review account code structure for new accounting software implementationIn Progress
Improve transparency reporting for Alamance County by providing information recommended by the John Locke Foundation.In Progress