The Budget and Management Department represents the staff and operations associated with preparing, monitoring, and amending the County budget according to the priorities and direction communicated by the Governing Body and County Manager. The Budget Department works with all other departments to organize, synthesize, and publish all budget documentation for budget adoption and subsequent budget amendments.

2022-2023 Performance Management Goals
1) Expand staff training to ensure that all budget analysts have the technical ability to prepare and amend
the annual budget.
In Progress
2) At least one team member will attend one of the NC Local Government Budget Association
Conferences annually to gain additional professional insight into innovations and best practices within
the field.
In Progress
3) Monthly, complete all reports regarding lapsed salaries and departmental analyses and submit
recommendations for concerns or improvement to the department manager and County Manager.
In Progress
4) Submit a quarterly report to the County Manager with County-wide information regarding
compensation, employee turnover, budget amendments, capital plans, spending on strategic initiatives,
grant funds and the self-insurance funds.
In Progress
5) Provide support to all County department managers for budget planning and review of current department analysis.In Progress
6) Schedule and complete all budget meetings between departments and County Manager by April 1st.In Progress
7) For Capital Plan budgeting, coordinate monthly Technical Review Committee meetings and the
information provided to the Capital Oversight Committee.
In Progress
8) Update Capital Website monthly with TRC, OSC, and project update information.In Progress
9) Update and post the annual Performance Management Report to the County’s website.In Progress
10) Continue research of the ARPA Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund in order to educate
departments and guide the budget and monitoring process.
In Progress
11) Research and apply to federal and state grants that could fund County strategic initiatives.In Progress
12) Create grant budgets that meet County strategic initiatives, coordinate the flow of information, monitor
fiscal grant management, and ensure outcome reports are completed for County-wide federal and State
In Progress