EMS provides care in the pre-hospital environment for patients with medical emergencies and delivers patients to the closest and most appropriate health care medical facility by providing non-emergency convalescent and ambulance for non-ambulatory patients.

2022-2023 Workload Measures
1. Number of EMS calls each month
2. Number of patients transported each month
3. Total time that units are not available monthly
4. Number of miles driven
5. Report and monitor the percentage of scheduled unit hours that are produced
6. Monthly ambulance billing revenue
7. Average emergency response time
8. Percentage of chute times (wheels rolling) that are under 90 seconds (0700-2259)
9. Percentage of chute times that are under three minutes (2300-0659)
10. Report monthly Unit Hour Utilization (percentage of time ambulances are between dispatched and in
11. Number of times out-of-county ambulance services respond to calls in Alamance County
12. Number of times that Alamance County EMS responds to calls in other counties
13. Number of times that Alamance Rescue transports patients as ambulance service

Updated 7/20/22

2022-2023 Performance Management Goals
1) All cardiac arrest calls will be reviewed with the responding crews by the EMS Quality Manager.In Progress
2) To increase the annual survival rate of >30% for all witnessed, shockable cardiac arrests.In Progress
3) The EMS Service's Clinical Quality Management Program will review 10% of all completed patient
care reports to ensure delivery of high-quality outcomes and safety.
In Progress
4) EMS will work towards and apply for the 2022 Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition for Excellent
STEMI (heart attack) care.
In Progress
5) The EMS training department will offer each employee a total of 4 hours of cardiac arrest care training.In Progress
6) EMS will increase the number of CIT certified paramedics by 8.In Progress
7) The EMS department will review and update its standard operating guidelines.In Progress
8) EMS will conduct yearly N95 fit testing on all EMS employees.In Progress