EMSEMS provides care in the pre-hospital environment for patients with medical emergencies and delivers patients to the closest and most appropriate health care medical facility by providing non-emergency convalescent and ambulance for non-ambulatory patients.

Workload measures 2016/2017
Number of EMS calls: 32,222
Number of patient transported: 16,589
Number of miles driven: 552,319
Updated 6/19/17

Develop an inventory system for supplies and ordering to maintain a stable stock with little or no highs or lows.check
Track and report unit turnaround time at the ER from the time a unit gets there until unit is 10:8 check
Track and Report unit chute time. This time represents the time between when the unit is dispatched and checks en route.check
Develop a training plan to teach ACEMS employees proper techniques in lifting and moving in order to identify ways to reduce employee injuries while moving patients to and from stretchers beds, chair, etc.check
Recognize and activate stroke care team at appropriate facility within 10 minutes of CVA recognition. In Progress
Analyze tickets of CVA’s to determine percentage of time Paramedics obtain a correct time of last seen normalcheck
Track and report percentage of time Paramedics ensure patient has a positive stroke screen and falls into protocol for activation check