Inspections Inspections administers and enforces NC technical codes. It also receives and processes permit applications and issues orders to correct violations.

The primary function of the Department is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Alamance County through the enforcement of the North Carolina State Building Code and local ordinances.

Workload Measures 2017/2018
Number of commercial inspections: 389
Number of residential inspections: 5,134
Number of site inspection visits: 5,523
Number of residential building permits issued within two calendar days: 60
Percentage of all development inspections completed on time: 100%
Updated 10/16/17

Institute multi-trade inspection program for smaller residential and commercial projects to improve service and reduce miles driven per inspectioncheck
Train all qualified inspectors to perform electronic plan reviews using software providedsoftware installed and 5 of 8 inspectors trained
In Progress
Maintain an average turnaround on construction plan reviews for residential buildings at 1.25 days or less (approval given or comments sent)check August
98% of inspections will be performed within 24 hours of a requestcheck August
Perform job hazard analysis of all principal inspector tasks and implement risk reduction proceduresIn Progress
Use data collected through newly implemented QA program to establish baseline performance standards for inspectorsdata collected; in the process of being analyzed
In Progress
Promote residential fire sprinkler installation via permit fee incentives (subject to board approval) and public information outreachcheck
Expand online permits available to include simple electrical, mechanical, insulation, and plumbing permitsIn Progress