The Information Technology Department is a service department that serves the technology needs of county departments, their tech communication with the public, safely secures all county technology, and backups all county data.  If there is a technological way for departments to do the job better we want to make that happen.  The technology needs and requirements of the county have rapidly evolved over the last number of years.  IT has gone from ordering, connecting, backing up, configuring wired desktop PCs and servers, to a department that must now also research, fully secure, maintain, replicate, connect, install and support hundreds of programs and applications on smart devices, cameras, mobile devices, PCs, virtualized servers, and connected through wired, Wi-Fi, cell towers, our internal network and the cloud.   We must also navigate and pass audits required by the State and Federal governments for HIPAA, CJIS, and PCI, plus communicate to our citizens in new ways through social media and the web, retain years of vital records, and keep hackers at bay.  Just like in our everyday lives, the number of devices, systems, and folks requiring more technology to do their work has grown exponentially.

Workload Measures 2019-20
Number of help desk requests resolved: 2,808
Number of help desk requests received: 2,617
Number of unplanned outages affecting service at any time of day (Percentage up 24/7): 99.3%
Completion time of high priority work orders: 2.9
Completion time of medium priority work order: 15.1
Number of print shot jobs completed: 12,991

Updated 5/29/2020

1) To increase security, IT will implement two layer authentication for 90% of internal server access for one county manager department40%
2) To increase security, IT will implement two layer authentication for one county manager department (PCs)40%
3) To accurately show better overall technology resource usage by department, IT will finish Phase I of a “Technology Usage Formula”75%/em>
4) To enhance wireless, IT will migrate 90% of old branded Wi-Fi access points to new county standard of Wi-Fi access pointsGoal Completed
5) To help combat the problems of the “Digital Divide,” and more broadband access opportunities, IT will meet with the Library and ABSS IT four times a year to jointly come up with low cost/no cost solutions75%
6) To maintain good customer service to our employees, 90% or better Work Orders assigned within a day (Business) 96%
7) To satisfy the pressing need for ongoing security education form at least two training modules for county employees to keep their knowledge current on the lasts dangers from hackersGoal Completed%
8) To increase access for county employees, IT will upload all current employee policies to Sharepoint 40%