Human Resources provides position classification and pay plan services, coordinates employee recruitment and selection, administers employee benefits, oversees employee relations, and ensures compliance with employment law and OSHA safety standards.

Workload Measures 2021-22

1. Number of formal grievances filed by employees
2. Number of EEOC complaints filed
3. Number of new hires per month
4. Number of temporary/board/on call hires per month
5. Report the percent of turnover
6. Number of ongoing employee education classes offered or coordinated by HR

Updated 8/16/2021

1) HR will strengthen the Safety Sensitive program increasing safety expectations and record-keeping standards by rolling out additional positions being covered and monitored within.In Progress
2) HR will develop Kronos materials and training activities through Kronos Knowledge Pass to educate employees on proper time-keeping and recording. In Progress
3) HR will compile a HR dashboard report showing trends within employee turnover across departments. In Progress
4) HR will implement a new FMLA Administration system that allows better communication and support for employees and supervisors 24/7.In Progress
5) HR will implement a new TPA for the Worker's Compensation program providing better oversight to expenditures and data analysis ability. In Progress
6) HR will support all departments within the county by reviewing and posting all job requisitions within 48 hours.In Progress
7) HR will increase awareness of County employment opportunities by establishing a relationship with local schools and community colleges and participate in offsite recruiting events. In Progress
8) HR will begin to implement a strategic wellness program to increase healthy awareness and improve health outcomes. Reporting and tracking results and accomplishments will be shared quarterly.In Progress
9) HR will implement the Neogov Learning Management System (LMS) to support training and safety programs with a focus on compliance tracking and increased skills, certifications and knowledge. In Progress
10) HR will enhance the employee clinic relationship through communication and education of clinic offerings and benefits.In Progress