Human Resources provides position classification and pay plan services, coordinates employee recruitment and selection, administers employee benefits, oversees employee relations, and ensures compliance with employment law and OSHA safety standards.

Workload Measures 2019-20
Number of voluntary separations:
Number of involuntary separations:
Number of formal grievances filed by employees: 0
Number of EEOC complaints filed: 1
Number of new hires: 85
Number of temporary/board/on call hires: 210
Report the percent of turnover: 13.4%
Number of ongoing employee education classes offered or coordinated by HR: 14

Updated 2/24/2020

1) HR will compile a HR dashboard monthly report showing trends within employee turnoverIn Progress
2) HR will monitor the Health Insurance fund by assuming responsibility for reconciliation of all invoicing and assessing monthly utilization reporting from carriersIn Progress
3) HR will work with the Wellness Committee to collaborate on strategies to increase healthy awareness and improve healthy outcomes. Reporting and tracking results and accomplishments will be shared quarterlyIn Progress
4) HR will continue to explore efficiencies within processes and procedures and document common procedures and processes. HR will have all on-boarding processes documented by end of fiscal yearIn Progress
5) HR will work to accomplish Kronos and Munis API interfacing to decrease HR data entryIn Progress
6) Train and educate supervisors on HR policies, procedures and processes through hosting at least two Supervisor 101 sessionsIn Progress
7) HR will continue to work on updating job descriptions (2019/2020 Library, Parks & Landfill positions)In Progress
8) HR will review and post all requisitions for new job announcements within 48 hoursIn Progress
9) HR will update the employee handbook with evolving policies and recommend new practices that will enrich employee cultureIn Progress
10) HR will implement and launch the NEOGov online recruiting software with Onboard features and provide training and support for managers throughout the county. In Progress
11) HR will increase awareness of County employment opportunities by establishing a relationship with local schools and community colleges. The goal is to create a pipeline of local top talent. The team will participate in two offsite recruiting events in the next fiscal yearIn Progress
12) HR will provide education and health plan awareness during Open Enrollment 2020 ensuring all employees have a greater understanding of the county’s plans by increasing communication through online enrollment capabilities and two “Benefit Facts and Snacks” opportunities for employees to attendIn Progress
13) HR will successfully transition to a new benefit’s broker for all of the County’s health benefit offeringsGoal Completed
14) Chemical review: Review chemicals utilized by county departments during the average workday and recommend less toxic and greener options with equal performanceIn Progress
15) Research and review an online Safety Data Sheet system. Review of the costs and benefits to each department and the impact it would have on accessibility for employeesIn Progress
16) To increase access for county employees, HR will ensure all employee focused documents are uploaded and up-to-date on SharepointIn Progress