Human Resources DepartmentHuman Resources provides position classification and pay plan services, coordinates employee recruitment and selection, administers employee benefits, oversees employee relations, and ensures compliance with employment law and OSHA safety standards.

HR staff will participate in annual Public Employment Law Update through UNC School of Government in May or at least two training opportunities through Alamance County Human Resources AssociationIn Progress
Monitor and implement any required changes to employee exemptions to maintain compliance with the Department of Laborcheck
Monitor and implement any changes that occur in health insurance administration through changes to Affordable Care ActIn Progress
Implement Munis HR ModuleIn Progress
All open positions are posted within 24 hours of notice to HRIn Progress
Plan, schedule, and provide Management/Supervisor Training programcheck
Update and distribute Alamance County Employee HandbookIn Progress
Respond to all Safety Complaints within 24 hoursIn Progress
Create rooftop written Hazard Assessment in compliance with new 2017 OSHA Fall Protection regulationsIn Progress
Develop and Implement a Heavy Equipment Training ProgramIn Progress
Develop and Implement a New Employee Safety Orientation Program for Landfill EmployeesIn Progress