Human Resources DepartmentHuman Resources provides position classification and pay plan services, coordinates employee recruitment and selection, administers employee benefits, oversees employee relations, and ensures compliance with employment law and OSHA safety standards.


Workload Measures 2018-19
Number of voluntary separations: 94
Number of involuntary separations: 10
Number of formal grievances filed by employees: 1
Number of EEOC complaints filed: 0
Number of new hires per month: 88
Number of temporary/board/on call hires per month: 444
Report the percent of turnover: 1.875%
Number of ongoing employee education classes offered or coordinated by HR: 23

Updated 1/8/2019

To increase transparency, HR will compile a quarterly report of all employee pay changes, employee turnover (departments, positions, retirements, job changes, etc.), trending data for the Health Insurance Fund, and an analysis/summary of the exit interview process resultsIn Progress
To improve efficiencies within the department, HR will continue implementation of Munis HR module and implement BenSelect in order to enhance Employee Self Service optionsIn Progress
To increase effective department management, HR will create a Supervisor 101 Training programOngoing
To better understand the needs of the departments and accurately portray employee responsibilities, HR will update job descriptions of all support departmentsIn Progress
To decrease time during the hiring process, HR will complete 95% of background checks within 24 hours of the department's request In Progress
To increase employee safety, HR will complete an Arch Flash Hazard Assessment for HSC BuildingIn Progress
To increase safety procedures, HR will create a Contractor Safety Evaluation ProgramIn Progress
To have a better understanding of turnover, HR will create an enhanced Exit Interview process and provide a year-end analysis to the County Manager In Progress
To incorporate a more robust performance evaluation process, HR will implement a new merit-based performance management system that includes reporting and ensuring compliance and consistencyOngoing
To increase engagement for new hires, HR will update and implement a New Employee Onboarding process and Orientation programIn Progress
To clarify changes to employee policies, HR will update and distribute Alamance County Employee HandbookIn Progress