The Manager’s Office coordinates and implements the Board of Commissioners’ policies and directives, prepares and submits an annual budget and capital plan, assesses provision of County services to ensure quality and efficiency, directs public information, and works with economic development efforts.

Workload Measures 2019-20
Number participants who complete County Government 101: 10
Number of residents receiving the County Newsletter:
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Number of Facebook Page Likes:

Updated 9-28-20

1) To provide information to the public, 90% of regular agenda packets will be posted to the website by 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday prior to Monday’s Board of Commissioners’ meetingGoal Met
2) To grow an understanding of local government operations and encourage volunteerism and civic engagement, the County Manager’s Office will work to increase awareness of the Alamance County Government Academy to the citizens of Alamance CountyGoal Met
3) To increase public accountability and transparency, the County Manager’s Office will create and disseminate a bi-annual Performance Management ReportGoal Not Met
4) To better understand employee satisfaction and encourage employee feedback, the County Manager’s Office will finish internal customer service surveys for the following departments: Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, and MaintenanceGoal Not Met
5) To increase transparency, the County Manager’s Office will provide quarterly fiscal monitoring reports including information on operations, fund balance, capital plan, and the insurance fundGoal Met
6) To continue moving forward with the Facility Plan, the County Manager’s Office will coordinate a Building and Grounds Committee that will set a timeline and implement the first phaseGoal Met
7) To prepare for growth while continuing to meet residents’ needs, the county manager’s office will coordinate and produce an emergency service (C-Com & EMS) long-range plan that will analyze best practices, prioritize needs, and provide recommendations for moving forwardGoal Met