The Manager’s Office coordinates and implements the Board of Commissioners’ policies and directives, prepares and submits an annual budget and capital plan, assesses provision of County services to ensure quality and efficiency, directs public information, and works with economic development efforts.

2022-2023 Performance Management Goals
1) To provide information to the public, 90% of regular agenda packets will be posted to the website on the
Thursday prior to Monday’s Board of Commissioner’s meeting.
In Progress
2) The County Manager’s Office will monitor, update, and report on the status of the Capital Improvement
In Progress
3) To meet community needs, the County Manager’s Office will investigate the best use of federal and
state grants to improve the community, i.e. ARPA.
In Progress
4) To improve communications for public safety, the County Manager’s Office will investigate technology
improvements that expand and strengthen communication coverage.
In Progress
5) To increase public accountability and transparency, the County Manager’s Office will create and
disseminate an annual Performance Management Report.
In Progress
6) To improve the Performance Management program, the County’ Manager’s Office will evaluate and
recommend improvements to the existing PM Program and Policy.
In Progress