The Alamance County Emergency Management works to improve our community’s resilience and preparedness for disasters, whether natural or man-made by providing a comprehensive all-hazard emergency management program that supports all of the citizens and visitors of Alamance County.

2022-2023 Workload Measures

1. Number of emergency calls responded to
2. Number of calls that were Hazmat related
3. Number of calls that were weather related
4. Number of training events EM staff teaches
5. Number of training events EM staff participates in (local/state)
6. Number of outreach events participated in

Updated 7/20/2022

2022-2023 Performance Management Goals
1) EM will continue to update the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) to include pandemic experiences and
In Progress
2) EM will continue to support ICS training for all necessary Command staff and mutual aid partners.In Progress
3) EM will conduct a full-scale exercise with one of our Hazmat facilities based on a Hazardous Material
In Progress
4) EM will continue to prepare for potential emergencies with assisting chemical facilities with developing
a Facility Emergency Action Plan.
In Progress
5) EM will continue to review Hazmat procedures and responses with all local fire departments and
In Progress