Emergency ManagementThe Alamance County Emergency Management works to improve our community’s resilience and preparedness for disasters, whether natural or man-made by providing a comprehensive all-hazard emergency management program that supports all of the citizens and visitors of Alamance County.

Workload Measures: 2017/2018

Number of emergency calls responded to:
Number of training events delivered or supported:
Number of training events participated in:
Number of outreach events participated in:
Updated 7/5/2017

Identify EOCsupport personnel from necessary county departments and update the EOC activation list on a yearly basisIn Progress
Update county EOP (Emergency Operations Plan)In Progress
Conduct at least one training opportunity for County level staff in the EOC that would include manning stations, logging in to PCs, and testing equipmentIn Progress
Conduct at least 3 training exercises as per the North Carolina Emergency Management
requirement for Emergency Management Preparedness Grant. (As per State guidelines one "live event/incident"can be substituted for a training exercise)
In Progress
Maintain a 95%collection rate for the TIER II feesIn Progress
Conduct a "Functional" Unified Command Exercise to test Interstate AnnexIn Progress
Maintain shelter agreements with the American Red Cross and complete 2 walk throughs at shelter sitesIn Progress
Conduct a county THIRA (Threat Hazard Identification Risk Assessment)In Progress