Emergency ManagementThe Alamance County Emergency Management works to improve our community’s resilience and preparedness for disasters, whether natural or man-made by providing a comprehensive all-hazard emergency management program that supports all of the citizens and visitors of Alamance County.

Workload Measures: 2017/2018

Number of emergency calls responded to: 12
How many were HazMat related: 7
How many were weather or natural hazard related: 0
How many staff hours: 30
Number of training events delivered or supported: 6
How many individuals received training: 46
How many staff hours: 24
Number of training events participated in: 7
How many staff hours: 34
Number of outreach events participated in: 4
Updated 10/24/2017

Identify EOCsupport personnel from necessary county departments and update the EOC activation list on a yearly basis95%
In Progress
Update county EOP (Emergency Operations Plan)75%
In Progress
Conduct at least one training opportunity for County level staff in the EOC that would include manning stations, logging in to PCs, and testing equipmentcheck
Conduct at least 3 training exercises as per the North Carolina Emergency Management
requirement for Emergency Management Preparedness Grant. (As per State guidelines one "live event/incident"can be substituted for a training exercise)
Maintain a 95%collection rate for the TIER II fees80%
In Progress
Conduct a "Functional" Unified Command Exercise to test Interstate Annexcheck
Maintain shelter agreements with the American Red Cross and complete 2 walk throughs at shelter sites70%
In Progress
Conduct a county THIRA (Threat Hazard Identification Risk Assessment)In Progress