Geographic Information Systems manages and maintains GIS software as well as online GIS services, consults with Tax Department to ensure parcel mapping is geospatially accurate, and is responsible for E911 address and street centerline management throughout the County and most municipalities.

GIS also provides assistance to departments and citizens for data analysis, special projects, and custom maps.

Workload measures 2019-20
Number of geospatial issues/data requests responded to: 23,542
Number of new address points generated: 2,737
Report at least 150 address points confirmed/maintained each month by municipality (except for Burlington) to improve accuracy/service delivery: 4,997
Village of Alamance: 4
Elon: 171
Gibsonville: 420
Graham: 728
Green Level: 55
Haw River: 48
Mebane: 2,130
Ossipee: 4
Swepsonville: 61
Whitsett: 0
Alamance: 1,321
Surround Counties: 105
Report the number of new street center lines generated each month: 94
Report the number of new parcels generated each month: 829
Confirm/maintained at least 75 parcels per month: 2,155
Confirmed/maintained at least 25 street centerlines each month: 825
Updated 7/16/2020

1) To share processes, collaborate on training & GIS versions, and become more efficient in our interactions, GIS will coordinate a countywide GIS collaboration summitScheduled for August 26, 2020 due to Covid-19
2) To stay current on GIS training and practices, staff will maintain a minimum yearly GISP Continual Education Credits for GISP renewal or credits toward initial certification for each employee Goal Completed
3) To increase efficiency, GIS will expand Environmental Health Collector project which will allow onsite data referenceGoal Completed
4) To support Inspections, Environmental Health, and Planning, GIS will create layers for Central Permitting data that will increase efficiency while providing information to the publicGoal Completed
5) To increase efficiency, GIS will set alias names on parcel layerGoal Completed
6) To help visualize & track farms coming in/out of PUV, GIS will build a farm appraisal layerGoal Completed
7) To ensure the 2020 Census count accuracy, GIS will actively participate in the Local Update of Census Addresses Operation (LUCA) in order to receive federal allocations for the countyGoal Completed