GISGeographic Information Systems manages and maintains GIS software as well as online GIS services, consults with Tax Department to ensure parcel mapping is geospatially accurate, and is responsible for E911 address and street centerline management throughout the County and most municipalities.

GIS also provides assistance to departments and citizens for data analysis, special projects, and custom maps.

Updated 6/5/17

Coordinate countywide GIS collaboration summit to share processes, collaborate on training and GIS versions and become more efficient in our interactions.check
Work with the ABSS school system to recreate GIS layers in order to republish online interactive school districts. New layers to include the proposed future high school districts.check
Assist Environmental Health Department with publishing well and septic data. In Progress
Each GIS employee must maintain minimum yearly GISP Continual Education Credits for GISP renewal or credits toward initial certificationIn Progress
Respond to at least 90% of emails within 1 business day.check
Generate/confirm/fix at least 150 addresses per month with 90% average. check
Generate/confirm/fix at least 25 street centerline records per month with 90% average. check
Generate/confirm/fix at least 75 parcels per month with 90% average. check