Geographic Information Systems manages and maintains GIS software as well as online GIS services, consults with Tax Department to ensure parcel mapping is geospatially accurate, and is responsible for E911 address and street centerline management throughout the County and most municipalities.

GIS also provides assistance to departments and citizens for data analysis, special projects, and custom maps.

Workload Measures 2021-22
1. Identify and report the number of geospatial issues/data request responded to each month
2. Report the number of new address points generated each month:

  1. Report at least 150 address points confirmed/maintained each month by municipality (except for
    Burlington) to improve accuracy/service delivery.

Village of Alamance: 
Green Level:
Haw River:
Surround Counties: 

3. Report the number of new street centerlines generated each month
4. Report the number of new parcels generated each month
5. Confirm/maintained at least 75 parcels per month
6. Confirmed/maintained at least 25 street centerlines each month

Updated 8/16/2021

1) To share processes, collaborate on training and GIS versions, and become more efficient in our interactions, GIS will coordinate a county-wide GIS collaboration summit.In Progress
2) To stay current on GIS training and practices, staff will maintain a minimum yearly GISP Continual Education Credits for GISP renewal or credits toward the initial certification for each employee.In Progress
3) To improve Public Safety, NG911 Schema changes have been implemented, GIS will phase old schema out as CCOM transitions to NG911 & ESINet. Migrate websites and other applications linked to old addressing & centerline schema.In Progress
4) To increase Public Safety, GIS will resolve NG911 critical geospatial errors to maintain required 98% accuracy.In Progress
5) For Smart Growth & Development: Assist Planning with implementation of the Small Area Plan\Zoning Map. In Progress
6) In order to preserve agriculture, we will help visualize & track farms transitioning thru PUV, GIS will continue building out Present Use Value for visual representation of the Land segments. In Progress
7) Government Accountability & Resource Management: Assist Board of Elections with Redistricting & Census 2020 population data. In Progress