TaxThe Tax Department assures validity of assessed values of taxable property and collects taxes, assesses real and personal property and vehicles, and conducts revaluation of real property.

It assists with Homestead exemptions, provides listing and discovery services for businesses, assists nonprofits with exemptions, and issues mobile home moving permits and beer, wine, and fortune-telling permits.

Updated 7/5/2017

Collections Goals: Maintain an average of 1.5 out-of-balance events or less per month (amounts less than $1.00 not counted)In Progress
Collections Goals: Perform an average of 120 enforced collections per month.In Progress
Appraisals Goal: Audit 1/8 of all parcels receiving PUV defermentIn Progress
Land Records Goal: Maintain an average of 35 days or less from recordation for non-complex deed transfersIn Progress
Business Listing Goal: Maintain an average of 2 errors or less per monthIn Progress
Personal Property Listing: Audit at least 1/8 of homestead exemptionsIn Progress
Tax Admin: 95%of customer service calls will be live answered or returned within 1 hour (during customer service operating hours)In Progress
Tax Admin: 100%of staff to complete at least 1 training session/class (includes in-house training)In Progress
Tax Admin: At least 60 total training sessions/classes taken by staff (includes in-house training)In Progress