Planning - JessicaThe Planning Department oversees land development, code enforcement, historic property issues, and community development activities in the unincorporated portions of the County. This Department also provides assistance for various grant programs and special projects as needed, and works closely with many other county and municipal departments to ensure compliance with regulations and ordinances applicable in our jurisdiction.

Workload Measures 2017/2018
Number of subdivisions: 121
Number of code enforcement case loads: 30
Number of code enforcement investigations: 55
Number of Floodplain Development Permits: 4
Number of Watershed Reviews: 1
Number of HID Permits: 7
Updated 5/22/18

Call meeting with school system representatives for feedback on development trackingcheck
Coordinate meeting to evaluate the use of Central Permitting between Planning, Inspections, Environmental Health, Fire Marshal, MIS, and GIScheck
Complete background research for Comprehensive PlanIn Progress
Provide coordination of housing development reporting for ABSScheck
Post all Planning Board and Historic Property meeting agendas and minutes on public website (RSSFeed/Facebook with agendas)check
Facilitate final objective meetings with County Manager 's Office for final Strategic Plancheck
Complete staff research and development of Unified Development Ordinance through Planning Boardcheck
Coordinate Smart Growth and Development meeting with local municipalitiesIn Progress