Central Communications processes emergency and non-emergency calls for service for Alamance County and provides radio dispatch for County and Municipal Fire, Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Ambulance services (Burlington Police and Fire excluded).

Workload Measures: 2017/2018 (January)
Average processing time for EMD Echo calls from route to dispatch:45 seconds 
Average processing time of Structure Fire calls from route to dispatch: 34 seconds 
Average processing time for Disturbance calls from received to dispatch: 1 minute, 45 seconds 
911 phone lines answered: 8,985
Administrative phone lines answered: 8,918
Administrative Outbound Calls: 5,956
Number of CAD entries: 20,935

Updated 2/5/18

95%of all 911 phone lines will be answered within 10 seconds (2 rings)96.51%
95%of all administrative phone lines will be answered within 15 seconds (3 rings)99.54%
90%of all full-time employees will complete 48 hours of training annually100% of full-time employees completed mandatory January training
(4) Presentations will be conducted per year for public educationAugust 12th presentation for back-to-school at JCPenney and August 19th presentation for Graham Police Explorers
Administration will meet with an emergency services department each monthcheck
Conduct TTY tests weekly with Burlington Communicationscheck
Full-time employees will spend 4 hours at the Backup Center annually 10% of full-time employees have completed Backup Center training.
Conduct semi-annual meetings with Burlington Communicationscheck
Hire and successfully train 3 new part-time telecommunicatorsIn Progress
Become fully staffed by the end of FY2017-2018 82% fully staffed
Full-time employees will participate in a tabletop exercise twice a year with the department or another emergency services agency9 full-time employees participated in Emergency Management exercise at ACC on August 3rd
30% of staff will receive Emergency Police Dispatch (EPD) certification8% of employees have received EPD certification.
Employees will complete Crisis Intervention Team Training (CITT)80% of employees have completed CITT
Full-time employees will train on MC1 annually50% of full-time employees have trained on MC1