Central Communications processes emergency and non-emergency calls for service for Alamance County and provides radio dispatch for County and Municipal Fire, Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Ambulance services (Burlington Police and Fire excluded).

Workload Measures 2021-22

1. Processing time for EMO Echo calls from route to dispatch
2. Processing time of Structure Fire calls from route to dispatch
3. Processing time for Disturbance/ Domestic calls from received to dispatch
4. Number of 911 phone lines answered
5. Number of administrative phone lines answered
6. Number of administrative outbound calls
7. Number of CAD entries
8. Number of Radio Transmission
9. Number of Random Quality Assurance Case Reviews Completed

Updated 8/16/2021

1) To increase communication, C-Com will conduct a quarterly meeting with Law Enforcement User group to discuss relevant 911 issues.In Progress
2) To respond to residents' needs as quickly as possible, 95% of all 911 phone lines will be answered within 10 seconds (2 rings).In Progress
3) To respond to residents' needs as quickly as possible, 95% of all administrative phone lines will be answered within 15 seconds (3 rings).In Progress
4) To ensure quality operator assistance, 90% of all full-time employees will complete 48 hours of training annually.In Progress
5) To prepare for emergencies, each full-time employee will train at the Backup Center annually.In Progress
6) To maintain access for people with disabilities who use teletypewriters, C-Com will conduct TTY tests weekly with Burlington Communications.In Progress
7) To prepare and train for emergencies, each full-time employee will participate in a tabletop exercise twice a year with the department or another emergency services agency.In Progress
8) To evaluate callers' needs and connect them to appropriate resources, all full-time employees will be offered Mental Health Training as classes are available.In Progress
9) Representative(s) will attend each Peer Review meeting established by EMS and provide statistical data requested by the Alamance County Medical Director.In Progress
10) C-Com will meet with the Alamance County Fire Users Group bi-monthly to increase communications and strengthen agency relationship.In Progress
11) To increase communication, Administration will meet with Burlington Communications semi-annually.In Progress
12) To further strengthen partnerships, C-Com will track and report response times for internal and external inquiries.In Progress
13) Alamance County Central Communications will successfully transition to dispatching ACC Campus Police Dept.In Progress
14) C-Com will track and report vacancies/turnover each month to the County Manager.In Progress
15) C-Com will maintain at least (1) staff member certified in Critical Incident Debriefing per year. In Progress